Introduction to Computer Networks and Cybersecurity

Posted on by Ben Rothke

At nearly 1,400 pages, Introduction to Computer Networks and Cybersecurity is more than just an introduction to the topic.  Rather than simply an introduction, it is a comprehensive guide to the subject.

The book is meant as a primary text to be used for a one (networking or security) or two semester course for the entire spectrum of networking and information security.   Written by Professors Chwan-Hwa Wu and J. David Irwin of Auburn University, the book is written in a very jam-packed and dense style. 

The book notes that networks and information security are closely connected. With that, the book includes a comprehensive overview of network architectures and the various network layers.

The networking portion of the book is the first 16 of the books 28 chapters.  In the remaining 12 chapters on cybersecurity, the authors provide an extremely all-inclusive summary. 

Each chapter concludes with a set of problems and questions.

While not written for the CISSP candidate in mind; the book nonetheless is an excellent resource for anyone preparing to take the ISC2 CISSP exam.

For the instructor looking for an all-inclusive college level course, or the student looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of networking and information security, Introduction to Computer Networks and Cybersecurity is an excellent reference and resource.

Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Specialist, Tapad


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