Hybrid Workforce Protection Powers Talon Cyber Security to RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest Win

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One of the more popular events annually at RSA Conference kicked off the first day with Talon Cyber Security taking home the win in front of a packed house on a beautiful June day in downtown San Francisco. Attendees flocked to the Esplanade in Moscone South to catch this year’s Innovation Sandbox Contest in front of a standing room only crowd that saw both overflow rooms utilized.

This year’s 10 finalists (more below on each) featured an incredibly competitive field according to event moderator and RSAC Program Committee Chair Dr. Hugh Thompson who mentioned the finalists are going to reshape security as we know it moving forward. Thompson also took the time at the beginning to recognize 2021 winner, Apiiro, who was not able to be recognized in person by attendees due to the virtual-only nature of last year’s conference.

This year’s judging panel included: Dorit Dor (Chief Product Officer at Check Point Security), Niloofar Razi Howe (Senior Operating Partner at Energy Impact Partners), Paul Kocher (independent researcher), Shlomo Kramer (CEO & Co-founder at Cato Networks) and Chris Young (Executive Vice President of Business Development, Strategy and Ventures at Microsoft).

The top two finalists came down to Talon Cyber Security and Bastion Zero. “The panel liked how Talon’s platform looked to address futuristic needs in the industry in a way that was attainable and dynamic,” said Dor before revealing this year’s winning company. Afterwards, RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest Program Director Cecilia Marinier caught up with CEO Ofer Ben-Noon to discuss Talon Cyber Security’s win.

Araali Networks
Surviving intrusions in cloud-native environments
Presenter: CEO & Co-founder Abhishek Singh
Overview: Perfect posture is unattainable, you must build capabilities able to survive intrusion. Dealing with cloud APIs is complex so DevOps integration with policy as code is key. Prioritizing your shield journey with consistent controls that is DevOps friendly builds resilience.

Bastion Zero
Redefining zero trust for access to cloud infrastructure
Presenter: CEO & Co-founder Sharon Goldberg
Overview: Remote access to production cloud infrastructure. Bastion Zero solves problems using cryptography and eliminating single point of trust from internet routing to bitcoin. They work with clients in the health tech, fin tech and e-commerce industries.

Cado Security
Bringing incident response into the cloud era
Presenter: CEO & Co-founder James Campbell
Overview: Investigating and responding in the cloud is time consuming and manual. This cloud investigation platform brings in response into the cloud era. Cado Security has helped cut down investigation time by 80% for some organizations, from days to minutes in some cases. Their platform features automated security operations and data collection can be integrated into existing workflow.

Complete software supply chain security
Presenter: CEO & Co-founder Lior Levy
Overview: Attackers are shifting priorities from production apps to software delivery apps due to lack of visibility, multiple attack vectors and with no effective tools. Visibility, security and integrity across your entire software supply chain is what Cycode brings to the table.

Operationalizing data governance
Presenter: Co-founder David McCaw
Overview: Silos don’t care. Automation does. Legal, security and data teams intersect for DataGovOps. Dasera detects risk earlier while featuring a complete picture of your infrastructure. Once you have that context, add in detection and end with orchestration. Real time views across data maps that automate and orchestrate responses and alerts.

Graph based security built by and for cloud engineers
Presenter: CEO Vladi Sandler
Overview: The cloud is getting more complicated and behind extensive research, Lightspin has built a cloud security platform featuring graph theory with an agentless solution. The goal is to make engineers lives much easier with attack path, root cause analytics and dynamic remediation applied.

Reinventing API security through XDR
Presenter: CEO & Co-founder Giora Engel
Overview: There is an API blind spot in the B2B space through three main areas (shadow APIs, vulnerable APIs, API abuse). Bringing behavioral analytics to APIs is needed to allow you to see the full story of API use and abuse. There is an inflection point in B2B APIs that don’t go through the typical routes.

SeVco Security
The starting point for all your security activities
Presenter: CEO and Co-founder J.J. Guy
Overview: Good data is core to critical IT and security decisions. Right now, there is a lot of siloed data and aggregation isn’t enough. SeVco allows you to connect to your inventory of APIs featuring a real time streaming cloud platform that constantly correlates inventory from your different sources. Nothing about device inventory is static.

Talon Cyber Security
Maximum workforce flexibility, zero compromise on security
Presenter: CEO Ofer Ben-Noon
Overview: Hybrid to work, SaaS adoption and third parties utilized numbers are all up. Talon features consistent security posture with no permissions for endpoint devices. 30% of outside entities including contracts in an organization create a risk and Talon is working to address those risks. The platform features open-source user experience that is identical to Chrome. No latency, impact performance or rerouting for service anywhere in the world.

No-code security automation platform
Presenter: CTO and Co-founder Leonid Belkind
Overview: Visual no code automation that leads to workflow progressing to cloud native pipelines. Torq's no-code security automation platform lets you respond faster, eliminate manual work, and maximize your security posture. They play in the security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) space with a focus on automation.

Congratulations to this year’s finalists and winner!

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