Hackers and Threats Abound For GDPR, Emperor Snoke

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Note: This is the final post of a five-part monthly series we kicked off in January 2018 to take a look at how technology, topics and trends from the cybersecurity world compare to characters and themes from the blockbuster Star Wars films.

We hope you enjoy our blog series in which the Resistance, filled with hope and determination, much like that of a Security Operations Center, scrambles to stay one step ahead of the evil First Order. Like cyber attackers, the First Order threatens to destroy a way of life that the Resistance desperately fights to cherish and uphold.

May’s Spotlight Character: Supreme Leader Snoke
May’s Spotlight Theme:
Hackers & Threats
May’s Vertical Focus: Government

Credit: StarWars.comImage credit: StarWars.com

A villain we all love to hate? Meet Supreme Leader Snoke. The evil mastermind behind the First Order and the entity responsible for turning once Jedi-in-training Ben Solo and converting him to the dark side as Kylo Ren. He drives the First Order initiative set to control the galaxy and all those planets and people living in it.

Conquering an entire galaxy is no easy task. Similarly, getting companies to understand General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocols across the entire European Union, and subsequently the entire globe, is no walk in the park either. A lot of things can go wrong.

As we churn full speed ahead towards May 25 and the enactment of GDPR protocols, many questions remain. Mainly, what happens after the deadline? Once in place, what then for those that aren’t compliant? We know there are financial penalties. What comes after that? Is there a GDPR enforcement team?

We can draw parallels to what happens when a power attempts to take control over a large and wide pool of entities. A governing force, whether it’s the First Order, or GDPR enforcement, is bound to have those who just don’t follow the rules. To quote Princess Leah way back in Episode IX, “the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers,” she tells a ruling member of the Empire just moments before her home world is obliterated by the Death Star. 

Could the same be true here? Could further regulations be coming with GDPR? Will it spread to companies in other continents and across the globe? If so, does that create more opportunities for hackers, threats and those that just aren’t interested in complying to resist?

It takes a village. We saw that in the new Star Wars films where so many of the lovable characters such as Rey, Finn and Poe band together for a common cause. For GDPR, it’s the start of something new that will affect the entire cyber security world. Will it nudge the rest of the planet to follow along?

Time will tell! Stay tuned.

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