Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition and Good Health

Posted on by Ben Rothke

Geeks are often portrayed as nerds whose diet consists of Red Bull and PowerBars.  The truth though is that many technical professionals, geek or not, do not get adequate nutrition, sleep or exercise. 

An interesting new book is out in Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health

In the book, author Bruce Perry discusses the following: 

  • best times of day to eat and what to eat
  • why eating carbs before exercising isn't healthy
  • why you can get a beer belly, even if you don't drink beer
  • the best exercise routines to lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight
  • what two things matter most in keeping a healthy lifestyle
  • how to find your way around the gym, especially the weight room
  • the pros and cons of yoga
  • what apps are the best for exercise, and how to use them 

A good introduction to the book is in this video of Perry. 

The book also shows how to use new apps with fitness equipment that can be integrated into your lifestyle and fitness routine. 

This looks to be a really good and important book.  With obesity and diabetes reaching epidemic levels, it is hard to imagine how Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Healthcan’t be a valuable resource for everyone. 

Full review (and hopefully weight loss) to follow.

Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Manager, Tapad

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