DevSecOps is Alive and Thriving in APJ

Posted on by Alan Shimel

In founding, I have been travelling the world observing, reporting and speaking out about DevOps, infosec and DevSecOps over the last 3-4 years. A constant theme I heard for much of that time was that the APJ region was probably slightly behind the wave around DevOps and DevSecOps. I never questioned the assumption. I should have. Another lesson in why you should never assume. 

After three years of running DevOps Connect: DevSecOps/Rugged DevOps at the RSA Conference San Francisco, I was invited to bring a day of DevSecOps learning and networking to RSA Conference APJ! Our day of learning and cocktail event will be held on July 25th at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. You can get more details from the RSA Conference APJ website

I was asked “Is the APJ region ready for a DevSecOps event as part of RSA Conference?” The answer is a resounding yes! What has led me to be so bullish on DevSecOps in the APJ region? 

  • Simple arithmetic. When looking at the number of visitors coming to on a monthly basis, visitors from India last month accounted for 21.5% of our visitors. This is second to the US with 33% and well ahead of any country in Europe or elsewhere. Now of course India has a lot of people which results in a high number of visits. But the fact that so many there are into DevOps and DevSecOps shows that the level of interest is very high. BTW, Australia is in the top 10, coming in at number 6 in the world for visitors. Additionally, Singapore is in the top 20, with Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia in the top 30 countries.
  • Activity around DevSecOps. Whether it be the meetup group, DevSecOps Singapore, that boasts over 890 members or the DevSecOps conference held in Singapore last year, the local scene is supporting and pushing DevSecOps learning and growth. Singapore is not alone though. The DevOps/DevSecOps scene is hyper-active in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Japan is also active in DevOps and DevSecOps. On top of all that we are seeing the first DevOps Days events in China. The APJ scene is really coming alive. It is as lively as any in North America and Europe. 

There is however, one more reason why I am bullish on DevSecOps in APJ and that may be the biggest reason of all. That reason is that security is increasingly important to everyone. Not only is security important to everyone, but security is also everyone’s responsibility. This axiom is true no matter where on planet Earth you are. It is as true in Singapore, as it is New York. As true in London, as it is Beijing. 

Unfortunately, cybersecurity and cyber risk and threats know no borders. We are all subject to them. Shifting security left, incorporating security into the development and deployment cycle, making security continuous are some of the best ways we have available to us make us all safer. It is a universal or perhaps only a world-wide truth. 

So, is APJ ready for DevSecOps? You bet they are. Join me as we welcome some of the leading names in DevOps, DevSecOps and security to our DevSecOps event on July 25th at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Join the 6000+ person strong people who are going to attend RSAC APJ this year. 

Stay tuned for my next blog where we will delve into some of the particulars of DevSecOps that we will discuss further in July. In the meantime, if you are interested in speaking or sponsoring our DevSecOps at RSAC APJ or have a question write me at [email protected]

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