Day 3 Recap: Keynote Highlights, Ted Lasso, the Four Horsemen of Cyber, the Russo-Ukrainian War, and More

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How’s everyone feeling? We’ve just completed day three of the Conference, leaving one more day to squeeze in more in-depth and thought-provoking discussions about cybersecurity and the state of the industry. But the fun isn’t over just yet! Let’s look back at what took place today...

Twelve keynotes took place today, starting with AI Safety: Wheres the Puck Headed? In this session, the critical importance of AI Safety was explored with a distinguished panel featuring experts from Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, the Center for AI Safety, and Harvard. The audience gained valuable insights into how AI safety considerations are transforming boardroom discussions and impacting decision-making across industries, highlighting the evolving landscape of responsible AI implementation and governance.

We then learned about the power of believing in A Conversation with Actor, Comedian and Writer, Jason Sudeikis. Known for his role as Ted Lasso, Sudeikis drew from his character’s optimistic and unconventional approach to coaching and shared insights on teamwork, leadership, and overcoming obstacles. As Ted Lasso would say Takinon a challenge is a lot like ridina horse. If youre comfortable while you're doing it, youre probably doing it wrong.

The audience witnessed a historic reunion in Apocalypse Avoided: The Future According to the Four Horsemen of Cyber. The Horsemen came together publicly after 15 years to discuss the evolution of cyber threats since facing the notorious American military compromise of 2008. They gained unique insights and first-hand perspectives from these esteemed cybersecurity experts as the group revisited the past and shared their visions for the future of cybersecurity defense resilience. 

Tech Diplomacy: Building Cyber Resilience Together enabled attendees to explore the cybersecurity landscape in Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion, with a specific focus on efforts to establish and uphold international standards in the face of adversarial misuse of technology. The gripping discussion centered around understanding the obstacles, initiatives, and strategies being employed to safeguard cybersecurity on a global scale. 

Lastly, the highly anticipated SANS session, The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques You Need to Know About, dissected the latest attack techniques and provided organizations with practical defensive strategies to effectively combat emerging threats. This annual RSA Conference session didn’t fail to impress with invaluable insights and actionable takeaways for cybersecurity professionals.

Thursday: A Preview Snapshot

There’s one day remaining! If you’re rushing to fit in your last keynotes, here are a few we recommend putting on your calendar:

  • AI Governance & Ethics: A Discussion with the Big Players - 8:30 - 9:20 AM at Moscone South, Room 203. Explore the latest developments in AI safety, trust, and compliance from AI leaders like OpenAI, Workday, and Uber, as they share insights on navigating emerging standards and addressing cyber challenges.

  • Legal Eagles & CISOs: Safeguarding Tomorrow's Digital Frontiers - 9:40 - 10:30 AM at Moscone South, Room 203. This session will explore the essential synergies between CISOs and legal professionals in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity, enhancing cyber resiliency, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Hacking Exposed: Next-Generation Tactics, Techniques and Procedures- 10:50 - 11:40 AM at Moscone South, Room 203. The 2024 Hacking Exposed session will reveal the latest adversary tactics aimed at evading legacy defensive systems and maximizing impact.

  • The Road Ahead for Cyber & Emerging Tech Policy- 12:20 PM - 1:10 PM PT at Moscone South, Room 203. Delve into Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger’s perspective on emerging technologies, including affirmative uses of artificial intelligence, leveraging digital technologies for societal benefit, advancing trusted telecommunications for 5G and 6G, and combating ransomware and illicit crypto activities.

  • RSAC Security Scholar Poster Pitch-Off – 12:25 – 1:15 PM at Moscone North, Street Level. See the cutting-edge research coming out of top universities as the RSA Conference Security Scholars pitch to government, research, and cybersecurity veterans.

  • CISOs Unchained- 1:30 - 2:20 PM at Moscone South, Room 203. Gain invaluable insights from four distinguished former CISOs in a candid discussion on the evolving challenges and unique experiences of the role.

Don’t forget to check out the Expo floor before it closes! Tomorrow it’s open from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.


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