Countdown to RSAC 2020 APJ: Q&A with Jason Lau

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As we’re just weeks away from RSAC 2020 APJ, we’re excited to share this year’s RSAC Ambassador Q&As with you! We’ve interviewed a fabulous cross section of attendees to give previews of their sessions, share their perspectives on how they’re prepping to deliver a virtual session, and how the cybersecurity industry has been impacted by the current global environment. Keep checking back for new content!

First up, we chatted with Jason Lau, Chief Information Security Officer at

Greetings. My name is Jason Lau, and I am the Chief Information Security Officer at I am also the regional lead and co-chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and I am honored to be speaking at RSA Conference 2020.

Q: What is the name and topic of your virtual session? 

A: The topic I will be co-presenting is called “The Accountability Game: Streamlining Data Privacy Across APAC and the Globe,” which will begin at 12:40 PM (SGT) on 17 July 2020. I will be speaking alongside Managing Director of OneTrust Mr. Robinson Roe.

Q: How are you preparing for your virtual session during RSAC 2020 APJ?

A: I am pleased to say that was one of the first companies (of any kind) in the world to achieve companywide ISO 27701:2019 certification. This was a detailed process and an organization-wide commitment, and I am keen to share my thoughts and experiences from the exercise. I believe this will act as the perfect hands-on preparation for this session and I hope that more organizations will look toward adopting this standard as well.

Q: What is one of the key takeaways you hope attendees learn from your session?

A: Consider a global data privacy governance model, and then use that as the baseline to adjust to meet regional/local data privacy regulations. Use standards like ISO 27701:2019 to help bridge the gap, which also helps to build trust with your staff and customers.

Q: How will your session help attendees in their everyday work?

A: From an everyday perspective, streamlining security and privacy operations is key to adapt and stay competitive. With the ever-changing regulations, employees may find it difficult to keep up to speed and may find it challenging to prioritize. In our presentation, we will show how using frameworks like ISO 27701:2019 will help with the accountability of different sub-projects within an organization’s Privacy Information Management System.

Q: How has the cybersecurity industry been impacted by the current global environment? 

A: COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the way we work, and in our everyday lives. From the move to contactless digital currency (due to the hygiene risks of paper cash) and work from home, we are seeing that companies need to extend their security boundaries even more so in today’s environment. One of the biggest digital transformations we are seeing is in the health care industry, where telehealth is becoming more mainstream and medical practices now have to cater for remote access to patient data in a secure way. This has introduced new threats, and we are already seeing a big growth in healthcare cyberattacks as a result of this.

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