Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture

Posted on by Ben Rothke

Cloud computing is certainly a hot topic.  Every business magazine is filled with article and advertisements on the topic.  A July 2013 search on Amazon has 4,723 books on cloud computing. 

With that plethora of titles available, the recently released Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology &  Architecture is an exceptionally good book and an indispensable reference on the topic.

One of the concerns of a book such as this with 3 authors, is that there is no integration, and the book would come out as a difficult read.

The opposite is the case, as authors Thomas Erl, Ricardo Puttini and Zaigham Mahmood have created a superb introductory text on the topic of cloud computing.

The book is a comprehensive overview of all of the aspects of cloud computing.  The authors make ample use of figures and diagrams, and do an outstanding job of making many of the abstract ideas around cloud computing quite comprehensible. 

For those interested in the security and privacy aspects of cloud computing, chapter 6 details the fundamentals of cloud security.  But this is not a cloud security reference, rather a general reference.

The mark of a good author is their ability to make a book readable.  While cloud computing may not be a compelling topic, the authors have created a book that is fascinating a readable. 

For anyone looking to get a highly technical overview of all of the core aspects of cloud computing, one is hard pressed to find a better reference than Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology &  Architecture.   

Ben Rothke

Senior Information Security Manager, Tapad

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