Are You Ready for Early Stage Expo? Part 2

Posted on by Kacy Zurkus

As is the case for the other companies we heard from in Part 1 of this Early Stage Expo series, dozens of startups are eagerly anticipating their moment to shine at RSA Conference in San Francisco February 24-28.

Over the past year, XtonTechnologies has released new features to their Privileged Account Management solution, which they are excited to showcase to key prospects and vendors at ESE. “We have also been planning social and blog campaigns to raise awareness with attendees that we'll be there and calling our key customers and prospects and inviting them to stop by the ESE,” said Xton Technologies Founder, Peter Senescu. 

Understanding that RSAC is one of the most highly sought-after conferences in North America, Srini Dhara, COO at WeSecureApp, said they are going full throttle to ensure they get maximum mileage. As of this week, they are getting aggressive with their sales and marketing campaigns in hopes of getting the best foot-falls to their kiosk. “We are getting ready with amazing presentations, videos and marketing collateral to provide necessary and relevant information for our audience,” Dhara said.

RSAC ESE is a great opportunity for these 51 companies to showcase their products, especially for WeSecureApp, who won an RSAC Singapore Launch Pad award. “We are pinning our hopes on this conference to generate maximum qualified leads that include clients, partners and more,” Dhara said.

Similarly, BotRx is looking forward to showcasing their solution to the security world, which John Briar, Co-Founder at BotRx, said will indeed be an exciting experience but also a challenge to make it fun and easy to understand. “We're rolling up our sleeves to bring the latest information on automated bot attacks, and also preparing our beer pong kits so that hopefully we get everyone having fun and learning about BotRx,” Briar said.

For BotRx, participating in ESE is their chance to debut a technology that they believe will change the course of security worldwide. “It will be our opportunity to make connections across the ecosystem that will not only launch our brand presence but also influence and inform future iterations of our automated bot defense technology.”

Interested in seeing what’s new in API solutions? Chris Westphal, Head of Product Marketing at Salt Security, said their team is busy getting people, content and demos ready for the big week so they can dig into their API Protection solution with everyone who stops by.

“For us, the ESE is a great place to stand out from the crowd and show how we’re addressing the latest challenges of API security. We know people come to the ESE to hear from up-and-coming vendors, but it also gives us the opportunity to have conversations and learn about their challenges firsthand,” Westphal said.

Though 2020 is a first for newcomer Altitude Networks, which launched in August 2019, the team is taking full advantage of every chance to engage with Conference attendees. Driven by their mission to provide a better approach to protect sensitive enterprise data in cloud collaboration environments like GSuite, Box and Office 365, Co-Founder and CEO Michael Coates said they will be showcasing their unique approach to solve DLP in the cloud at ESE as well as delivering a CISO talk.  

“Altitude Networks is protecting millions of documents across our customer base and bucking the trend of cumbersome security products that require armies of personnel to administer and run,” Coates said. But they aren’t only bucking the trend when it comes to their solution. “This year, we’re running a #SkipTheSwagSupportACause campaign. Instead of yet another conference trinket that ends up in the trash, we’ve committed to donating our swag funds to giving back to our community—just stop by to snap a photo and we’ll make a donation," Coates added. “If you’re interested in seeing a demo of Altitude Networks in action, we’ll be at the Early Stage Expo demo booth 12."

Don’t miss seeing what these and many more up-and-coming innovators will bring to this year’s Early Stage Expo floor.

Kacy Zurkus

Senior Content Manager, RSA Conference

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