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Posted on by Ally Lorentson Dunn

Crystal Ball: Reflections from RSA Conference 2012 and Looking at the Year Ahead

How do shark attacks in Egypt and learning how to drive relate to the themes seen at this year's conference?

Leave it to Hugh to combine brilliant insights and pop culture references to create an entertaining take on the big themes from this past conference and what we may see next year.

Last year, in this same webcast, Hugh identified Hacktivism as a major theme and predicted that it would become even more prevalent as the tools became simpler to use.  This year he predicts that increased targeted attacks will lead to involvement by the SEC, that more privacy legislation is on the horizon, and that we'll continue to hear more about "Big Data" and its impact on the threat landscape.  See Hugh's takes on the big themes from this year and what it means for 2013 and beyond.



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