Trey Darley

Director of Standards Development, New Context Services, Inc.

Trey Darley currently serves as Director of Standards Development at New Context. He’s been working in infosec for years, including stints at NATO and Splunk’s Security Practice. Darley is actively developing security-focused open standards, serving as a Co-Chair within the OASIS CTI Technical Committee responsible for STIX/TAXII and heavily engaged with the OpenC2 Technical Committee. Darley’s articles have been featured in publications such as IEEE Security & Privacy and USENIX ;login:. He has presented at a number of security conferences, including O'Reilly Security, BruCON, USENIX LISA and various FIRST events. Darley is a FIRST Liaison Member, official liaison between OASIS and FIRST, a member of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board, Technical Director of the IoT ISAO and a CISSP.