Nate Cardozo

Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Nate Cardozo is a Senior Staff Attorney on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s digital civil liberties team. In addition to his focus on free speech and privacy litigation, Cardozo works on EFF's Who Has Your Back? report and Coders' Rights Project. Cardozo has projects involving cryptography and the law, automotive privacy, government transparency, hardware hacking rights, anonymous speech, electronic privacy law reform, Freedom of Information Act litigation and resisting the expansion of the surveillance state. A 2009–2010 EFF Open Government Legal Fellow, Cardozo spent two years in private practice before returning to his senses and to EFF in 2012. Cardozo has a B.A. in anthropology and politics from U.C. Santa Cruz and a J.D. from U.C. Hastings.