Matthew Toussain

CTO, Open Security / Course Author, Instructor SANS Institute, Open Security / SANS Institute

Since graduating from the US Air Force Academy in 2012, Matthew Toussain has served as the Senior Cyber Tactics Development Lead for the US Air Force and worked as a red teamer for Black Hills Information Security and CounterHack Challenges. In 2014, he started Open Security to focus on a more holistic approach to cybersecurity from incident response through red teaming. He is the author of SEC460: Enterprise and Cloud | Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and has created numerous popular penetration testing tools. Toussain is also a Grand Champion of NetWars Tournament of Champions. An avid runner and #RedTeamFit influence peddler, Toussain is a passionate supporter of cyber competitions such as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and SANS Institute’s NetWars.