Julian Gutmanis

Principal Threat Analyst, Dragos

Julian Gutmanis is a principal threat analyst within the Dragos Threat Operations Center, currently based out of Australia. He has over 10 years of experience in industrial control system security in a range of specialties, including bespoke hardware security analysis, penetration testing and red-teaming, incident response, threat hunting, security engineering and governance. He has experience working in various geographical regions, including Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Prior to joining Dragos, Julian held a position as an Expatriate OT Security Engineer in Saudi Arabia, where he was involved in security engineering and analysis activities for an extensive oil and gas portfolio. In this position, Julian was a lead analyst in the investigation of an unexpected plant shutdown that lead to the detection of the Trisis malware. The malware was responsible for multiple shutdowns at a major petrochemical refinery and presented an unprecedented threat to health and safety. Dragos now actively tracks the group responsible for the compromise under the handle “Xenotime”. Julian has also held management positions overseeing attack and penetration teams in Australia and has contracted to major energy utilities in the United States.