Jonathan Brossard

CEO, Moabi

Jonathan Brossard (endrazine) is a well known speaker in the infosec community. For his first DEFCON, he hacked Microsoft Bitlocker, McAffee Endpoint and a fair number of BIOS Firmwares. During his second DEFCON, Brossard presented Rakshasa, a BIOS malware based on open source software, the MIT Technology Review labeled "incurable and undetectable". For his third DEFCON, he released the WCC, a framework facilitating reverse engineering. Prior to his role as CEO at Moabi, Brossard held a number of technical and executive positions, including Director of Offensive Security and Principal Engineer of Product Security at Salesforce, and Head of Security at He holds a master's degree in engineering, a master's degree in artificial intelligence and is a Ph.D. candidate.