Isaac Potoczny-Jones

Research and Development Lead, Galois

Isaac Potoczny-Jones has been a Principle Investigator with Galois since 2004 and CEO of the Galois spin-off Tozny since 2013. He is an active open source developer in cryptography and programming languages. His work includes secure privacy-preserving infrastructures for authentication (NIST), cross-domain collaboration (Navy, DOD), practical solutions in identity credentials for first responders (DHS), federated identity for the Open Science Grid (DOE), anonymous authorization and cross-domain search (DOD), mobile password-free authentication (DARPA), and authentication for anti-forgery in hardware devices (DARPA). He has led numerous commercial and government projects for security assessment and penetration testing. In 2013, he founded Tozny, a technology company focused on improving security and privacy for everyone.