Dr. Paul Vixie

CEO, Farsight Security, Inc.

Paul Vixie is an Internet pioneer. Currently, he is the Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Farsight Security, Inc. Vixie was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014 for work related to DNS and anti-spam technologies. He is the author of open source Internet software including BIND 8, and of many Internet standards documents concerning DNS and DNSSEC. In addition, he founded the first commercial anti-spam company (MAPS, 1996), the first nonprofit Internet infrastructure software company (ISC, 1994), and the first neutral and commercial Internet exchange (PAIX, 1991). In 2018, he co-founded SIE Europe UG, a breakthrough European data sharing collective to fight cybercrime. Vixie earned his Ph.D. from Keio University for work related to DNS and DNSSEC in 2010.