Deveeshree Nayak

Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Washington Tacoma

A cybersecurity and IT Professor at the UW Tacoma with a diverse background in the field of cybersecurity (information system, computer engineering, and criminology and criminal justice), Deveeshree Nayak is a member of the inclusion working group of WiCyS and has been a member of WiCyS since 2014. She is also a member of Anita Borg Institute, OWASP, IEEE, ACM, etc. She has master’s in IS, CE, and criminology. Nayak has taught/trained over 1,000 underrepresented people in STEM as a volunteer and as a trainer. She is a part of the review and program committee for GHC Security and Privacy, I4CS, SciPy 2019, RESPECT 2020.