David Hoelzer

Chief Information Security Officer, Cyber-Defense

David is the author of 20+ days of SANS courseware and serves as the principal examiner and director of research for Enclave Forensics. He also serves as the chief information security officer for Cyber-Defense and has served as the director of the GIAC Cert program. David was an expert witness for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a landmark infosec governance case within corporations in the financial sector. He was an expert for the FTA for GLBA Privacy Rule litigation. He served as a member of the SANS Curriculum Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, GIAC Ethics Board, and as Dean of Faculty. David is a research fellow in the Center for Cybermedia Research and for the Identity Theft and Financial Fraud Research Operations Center (ITFF/ROC). He’s an adjunct research associate of the UNLV Cybermedia Research Lab, a research fellow with the Internet Forensics Lab, and an adjunct lecturer in the UNLV School of Informatics.