RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar & Innovation Showcase: Zero Trust

March 10, 2022

Let the Zero Trust Journey Begin 

Whether it’s an SMB or a Fortune 100 company, people are asking the same question about Zero Trust—where do we start? Watch this half day virtual seminar to get answers to that question. Moderated by Kathleen Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer, Center for Internet Security, the three sessions include a panel of C-level executives who will discuss lessons learned, how to get everyone in the organization speaking the same language, and a deep dive into CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model.

The seminar is split into two parts. Each part is approximately one hour followed by 20–25 minutes of Q&A with the speakers.

Seminar Part 1

Panel: How Did You Build Your Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)?

This panel of C-level executives will share their experiences and lessons learned in building out a ZTA. Attendees will learn about the process, the challenges they faced, and how these security leaders overcame obstacles on their ZT journeys. What worked? Was the end result better security? The panel will then answer questions from attendees to help them better understand where to start and how to move forward.

Moderator: Kathleen Moriarty

Panelists: Steve Hernandez, Deb Snyder, Patrick Sullivan


Seminar Part 2

Session 1: Applied Zero Trust: Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Now

As organizations think about their Zero Trust strategy and plan for implementation, they are undoubtedly asking, “where do I start?” This session will outline the actionable steps security teams can take to establish trust, eliminate blind spots, and create policies for secure, agile growth.

Presenter: Jennifer Minella

Session 2: Understanding CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model

In this session, CISA’s Sean Connelly will share the agency’s latest publication on zero trust. CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model is one of many roadmaps for agencies to reference as they transition towards a Zero Trust Architecture. Sean will also touch on other federal zero trust guidance, including OMB’s Zero Trust Strategy and NIST’s Special Publication on Zero Trust Architecture.

Presenter: Sean Connelly


Innovation Showcase

Join us after the RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar for our March Innovation Showcase. You’ll hear from a panel of experts discuss the urgency of Zero Trust solutions created by digital transformation and how it’s becoming the foundation for hybrid cloud integrations. They’ll also discuss IAM effectiveness and privileged user access, Zero Trust architecture, and the future of Zero Trust. The panel will then hear from two up and coming companies who are innovating in the Zero Trust space:

cyolo-logo     perimeter81-logo

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