As a CISO or senior security executive, you’re an organization’s most important gatekeeper—the kind who protects sensitive data. But to do this effectively, you rely on a constant stream of intel. Intel regarding the latest trends and challenges. Or how to implement organization-wide strategies. Even tactics for training your team. With so much to know, wouldn’t it be easier if you could get right down to the heart of today’s issues with the people who know it best—people, like you?  

Introducing RSAC CISO Boot Camp

Tuesday, March 5 through Wednesday, March 6

This one-and-a-half-day program makes the most out of your limited time by offering you and 99 other selected CISOs from some of the world’s most prestigious companies a unique RSAC experience (please see application details below). Designed to spark open and relevant conversations between top security leaders, participants will receive the following special benefits:  

  • Exclusive RSAC CISO Boot Camp sessions and activities on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • A private networking reception on Tuesday evening
  • Access to private meeting room space on Monday and Thursday*
  • Fast track access to Tuesday keynotes
  • Early admittance to the RSAC Early Stage Expo Tuesday afternoon
  • A $200 Discount Code** for you to extend to your team
  • Open and frank discussions with your peers in a closed-door environment (we will adhere to Chatham House Rule throughout the program)

Topics to be covered include: Strategy and Risk Management, Risk and Compliance, Building the Program (Governance), Communications, Operations, Workforce and Crisis Management, and the program ends with a Capstone Experience. See more details below. 

RSAC 2019 CISO Boot Camp Schedule***

Tuesday, March 5

  • 8 AM – 12 PM VIP access to General Keynotes (optional)
  • 1 – 4 PM Sessions and Activities
  • 3 – 4 PM Early admittance to and a tour of RSAC Early Stage Expo
  • 4 – 6 PM Networking Reception

Wednesday, March 6

  • 9 AM – 5 PM Sessions and Activities
  • 12 – 1 PM Lunch
  • 6 PM Program Ends 

Apply Now

Apply by February 1 to get the full RSAC CISO Boot Camp experience for $1,195 or for $1,395 when you register by March 1.

Qualified applicants must be a CISO or most senior security executive responsible for leading the information security program at a company with 1,000 or more employees and revenues of at least $1 billion. For Global 1000 companies, the deputy CISO or second most senior security executive is eligible to apply. We will begin reviews of applications on Mondays and Wednesdays and expect to send out notifications within 5 business days, depending on volume. Only one person per organization will be admitted. Press and vendors/resellers of security products and services are not eligible. Please note that no payment will be charged until the application has been approved.

CISO Boot Camp

CISO Boot Camp

CISO Boot Camp

RSA Conference CISO Boot Camp Topic Descriptions

Strategy and Risk Management
The NIST Cybersecurity Framework provides a comprehensive guidance on how to assess and improve an organization’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. How do you use the NIST CSF to create and execute your strategic roadmap for your security program? You also need to apply risk management to prioritize all of the identified opportunities since you can never do everything. In addition, how do you ensure ongoing risk management and adjust your roadmap as needed? 

Risk and Compliance
How can legal and information security effectively work together to mitigate risk within your organization? Explore how legal counsel and cybersecurity teams can come together and become bilingual to meet today's complex challenges and build more effective cybersecurity programs.

Building the Program (Governance)
Two CISOs from different F1000 organizations share their experiences building out a governance and risk program. Hear their perspectives on the pitfalls to avoid and successes they’ve found.

What is the ecosystem of stakeholders that affect your role as CISO? How do you build and leverage those relationships for day-to-day operations and to reach the next level?  What are effective strategies to get the work done? This session will delve into communication strategies for stakeholders inside and outside the company to get the job done and to ready yourself for the next step in your career.

How do you keep an organization constantly barraged by requests to keep an eye on the strategy prize while dealing with the bumps? If a breach happens, do you know how to act in an emergency? In this session you will learn to operate in times of peace but prepare for and execute in crisis. You’ll understand how to develop strategies around budget, resource management and maintaining momentum in a turbulent environment.

You will also learn to identify, collect and build metrics that work – ensuring your metrics are actionable. Go beyond the numbers and learn strategies to weaponize them to get work done. Then bring it all together to create a CISO dashboard to understand the full resource and technology portfolio including its efficacy and value.

Crisis Management
A crisis is a defining moment for a CISO – gaining you a seat at the table or guaranteeing you a space on the island of misfit toys. History has shown that even large companies with significant cybersecurity budgets cannot prevent a break. Learn how to take the emotions and guesswork out of leading through a crisis and focus on a well-structured crisis management plan. Ensure you have a strategy in place – people and process – in the event technology fails. In this session you will learn about the tactics and process a resilient organization should have in place before and after a crisis.

Capstone Experience
RSAC CISO Boot Camp culminates with an interactive tabletop exercise, putting your learnings to the test. Attendees will be assigned groups and roles or profiles. The groups will be taken through a multi-stage incident response exercise, being challenged to manage communications, allocate resources, review roles & responsibilities, and authorize decision making. The incident will roll out rapidly and the working groups will be challenged to confer as a team in prioritizing and executing responses, ultimately helping participants to sharpen their own preparedness for an actual cyber incident.

Your RSAC CISO Boot Camp Pass also provides you with Full Conference access to the rest of Conference including: 

  • All Keynotes
  • Expo Halls & Briefing Center Sessions
  • All Sessions and Learning Labs
  • RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest
  • RSAC Sandbox
  • All Seminars
  • Welcome Reception & RSAC After Hours (Previously known as RSAC Bash)

Apply Now

* Meeting room scheduling will be first come-first served.
** Discount code provided upon acceptance to the RSAC CISO Boot Camp program, and is for up to five Full Conference Passes. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.
***Schedule is subject to change. We expect our detailed agenda to be released in mid-December 2018.

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