RSAC 2018 Recorded Sessions

We will record slides + audio from a majority of sessions at RSA Conference, as listed below.

Session details, locations and times are subject to change. 

Date Session ID Time Title Room
4/17/18 AIR-T07 1:00 PM The Incident Response Class of 2018: Tactics and Tales from the Frontline Moscone West 2009
4/17/18 AIR-T08 2:15 PM Insights from NSA’s Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center Moscone West 2009
4/17/18 CSV-T07 1:00 PM The Emergent Cloud Security Toolchain for CI/CD Moscone South 215
4/17/18 CSV-T08 2:15 PM Humans and Data Don’t Mix: Best Practices to Secure Your Cloud Moscone South 215
4/17/18 CSV-T10 3:30 PM Confessions of a Cloud Security Convert Moscone South 215
4/17/18 CXO-T07 1:00 PM Model-Driven Security: It’s Closer than You Think Moscone West 2005
4/17/18 CXO-T08 2:15 PM Skate to Where the Puck Is Going: The VC Perspective on the Security Market Moscone West 2022
4/17/18 CXO-T10 3:30 PM Over-the-Horizon Cybersecurity Technologies and Threats Moscone West 2022
4/17/18 EXP-T07 1:00 PM Cyberwar Game: Behind Closed Doors with the National Security Council Moscone West 2004
4/17/18 EXP-T08 2:15 PM Hacking the Vote: How to Get Your Candidate Elected in a Few Simple Steps Moscone West 2004
4/17/18 EXP-T10 3:30 PM Security Orchestration and Incident Response Moscone West 2004
4/17/18 GRC-T07 1:00 PM Super Forecasting: Even You Can Perform High-Precision Risk Assessments Moscone West 2018
4/17/18 GRC-T08 2:15 PM Get Cookin’ with GDPR—Practical Techniques and Recipes for Success Moscone West 2018
4/17/18 GRC-T10 3:30 PM The Supply Chain Threat Moscone West 2018
4/17/18 HT-T07 1:00 PM When in Russia: Hacking Vice Abroad Moscone South 308
4/17/18 HT-T08 2:15 PM Cyberwar on a Shoestring: How Kim Jong Un Stole My Malware Moscone South 308
4/17/18 HT-T10 3:30 PM Hacking Closed Networks Moscone South 308
4/17/18 HTA-T07 1:00 PM Modern Exploitation: Owning All of the Things Moscone South 314
4/17/18 HTA-T07R 3:30 PM Modern Exploitation: Owning All of the Things (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/17/18 HTA-T08 2:15 PM Adventures in the Underland: Techniques against Hackers Evading the Hook Moscone South 314
4/17/18 HTA-T10 3:30 PM CCleaner APT Attack: A Technical Look Inside Moscone South 314
4/17/18 HUM-T07 1:00 PM Shifting Organizational Culture through Cyber-Awareness Moscone West 2001
4/17/18 HUM-T08 2:15 PM Building a Security Awareness Ambassador Program Moscone West 2001
4/17/18 HUM-T10 3:30 PM Turning Your Security Strategy Inside Out—Managing Insider Threat Moscone West 2001
4/17/18 IDY-T07 1:00 PM “No You May Not Have a Pony”—The Art of the Possible in Secure IAM Design Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/17/18 IDY-T08 2:15 PM Fool Proof: Protecting Digital Identity in the Age of the Data Breach Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/17/18 IDY-T10 3:30 PM Passwords and Fingerprints and Faces—Oh My! Comparing Old and New Authentication Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/17/18 MBS-T07 1:00 PM The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Ultrasonic Communications Ecosystem Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/17/18 MBS-T08 2:15 PM Within 10 Years, Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Every CISO’s Job Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/17/18 MBS-T10 3:30 PM IoT Trust by Design: Lessons Learned in Wearables and Smart Home Products Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/17/18 PDAC-T07 1:00 PM Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/17/18 PDAC-T08 2:15 PM Blockchain—The New Black. What about Enterprise Security? Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/17/18 PDAC-T10 3:30 PM Protecting Containers from Host-Level Attacks Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/17/18 PNG-T07 1:00 PM Blurred Lines: Hybrid Threats Posed by State-Sponsored Hackers Moscone West 2007
4/17/18 PNG-T08 2:15 PM Bringing Order to Chaos: The Development of Nation-State Cyber-Norms Moscone West 2007
4/17/18 PNG-T10 3:30 PM IoT Legal and Policy Issues: The Global Perspective Moscone West 2007
4/17/18 PROF-T07 1:00 PM The Untold Story of 8200: A Launching Point for Women in Cybersecurity Moscone West 2008
4/17/18 PROF-T08 2:15 PM Defining Who We Are by Our Narratives: Why Diversity Matters Moscone West 2008
4/17/18 PROF-T10 3:30 PM The Entrepreneur and the CISO—10 Traits to Drive Success Moscone West 2008
4/17/18 PRV-T07 1:00 PM Privacy Essentials for Security Professionals Moscone West 2022
4/17/18 PRV-T08 2:15 PM Nobody Puts Privacy in a Corner: Privacy in Enterprise Risk Management Moscone West 2005
4/17/18 STR-T07 1:00 PM Charting a Clear Course: Prioritizing Security Investments and Activities Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/17/18 STR-T08 2:15 PM Personality Profiling Your Third Parties for Effective Supplier Management Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/17/18 STR-T10 3:30 PM From “No Data” to “Drowning in Data”—It’s Time for a Reality Check Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/17/18 TECH-T07 1:00 PM Industrial Cyberattacks: A Quest for Nuance with Lessons from the Field Moscone South 207
4/17/18 TECH-T08 2:15 PM It’s Time to Kill the Pentest Moscone South 207
4/17/18 TECH-T10 3:30 PM Evidence-Based Security: The New Top Five Controls Moscone South 207
4/17/18 TECH-W02R 2:15 PM Evolve or Die, How to Stop Getting Slaughtered Due to Bad Vulnerability Management (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/17/18 TECH-W04 9:15 AM Stop Translating, Start Defending: Common Language for Managing Cyber-Risk Moscone South 207
4/18/18 AIR-W02 8:00 AM Predicting Exploitability—Forecasts for Vulnerability Management Moscone West 2009
4/18/18 AIR-W04 9:15 AM Taking the Pulse on Cyber-Intelligence Moscone West 2009
4/18/18 AIR-W12 1:45 PM Threat Intel and Content Curation Organizing the Path to Successful Detection Moscone West 2009
4/18/18 AIR-W14 3:00 PM Incident Response in the Cloud Moscone West 2009
4/18/18 CSV-W02 8:00 AM Transfer Learning: Repurposing ML Algorithms from Different Domains to Cloud Defense Moscone South 215
4/18/18 CSV-W04 9:15 AM ChaoSlingr: Introducing Security-Based Chaos Testing Moscone South 215
4/18/18 CSV-W12 1:45 PM Ephemeral DevOps: Adventures in Managing Short-Lived Systems Moscone South 215
4/18/18 CSV-W14 3:00 PM Building and Adopting a Cloud-Native Security Program Moscone South 215
4/18/18 CXO-W02 8:00 AM Behind the Scenes of Cyber-Incident: APT Corp. Communications Case Study Moscone West 2022
4/18/18 CXO-W04 9:15 AM Learning from the Three-Ring Circus of NotPetya Moscone West 2022
4/18/18 CXO-W12 1:45 PM Value-At-Risk: Decision-Making in Cybersecurity Investments Moscone West 2022
4/18/18 CXO-W14 3:00 PM Monty Python and the Holy RFP Moscone West 2022
4/18/18 EXP-W02 8:00 AM POTUS Is Posting: Social Media and National Security Moscone West 2004
4/18/18 EXP-W04 9:15 AM Hacking Exposed: Melting Down Memory Moscone West 2004
4/18/18 EXP-W12 1:45 PM The Rise of Confidential Computing Moscone West 2004
4/18/18 EXP-W14 3:00 PM Hacking Exposed NextGen (AI Powered) Moscone West 2004
4/18/18 GRC-W02 8:00 AM There’s No Such Thing as a Cyber-Risk Moscone West 2018
4/18/18 GRC-W04 9:15 AM Creating Order from Chaos: Metrics That Matter Moscone West 2018
4/18/18 GRC-W12 1:45 PM Recon for the Defender: You Know Nothing (about Your Assets), Jon Snow Moscone West 2018
4/18/18 GRC-W14 3:00 PM Issues of Quantifying Risk around Identity and Access Management (IAM) Moscone West 2018
4/18/18 HT-W02 8:00 AM Order vs. Mad Science: Analyzing Black Hat Swarm Intelligence Moscone South 308
4/18/18 HT-W12 1:45 PM Identifying and Remediating Security Vulnerabilities in AI Applications Moscone South 308
4/18/18 HT-W14 3:00 PM The Unexpected Attack Vector: Software Updaters Moscone South 308
4/18/18 HTA-W02 8:00 AM Poison Pixels—Combatting Image Steganography in Cybercrime Moscone South 314
4/18/18 HTA-W04 9:15 AM Mind the Air-Gap: Exfiltrating ICS Data via AM Radios and Hacked PLC Code Moscone South 314
4/18/18 HTA-W12 1:45 PM What Time Is It? How Manipulating “Now” Can Crash Our World Moscone South 314
4/18/18 HTA-W14 3:00 PM Early Detection of Malicious Activity—How Well Do You Know Your DNS? Moscone South 314
4/18/18 HUM-W02 8:00 AM The Sad Tale of Etaoin ShrdLu and the Danger of Automated Pen Tests Moscone West 2001
4/18/18 HUM-W04 9:15 AM Let’s Blow Up Security Awareness and Start Over Moscone West 2001
4/18/18 HUM-W12 1:45 PM Cyber-Counterintelligence—Deception, Distortion, Dishonesty Moscone West 2001
4/18/18 HUM-W14 3:00 PM Red Phish, Blue Phish: A New Approach to Phishing Simulations Moscone West 2001
4/18/18 IDY-W02 8:00 AM Risk-Based Approach to Deployment of Omnichannel Biometrics in Sberbank Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/18/18 IDY-W04 9:15 AM OAuth 2.0 Threat Landscapes Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/18/18 IDY-W12 1:45 PM Biometrics: Sexy, Secure and... Stupid Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/18/18 IDY-W14 3:00 PM Identity-Based Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/18/18 MBS-T08R 3:00 PM Within 10 Years, Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Every CISO’s Job (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/18/18 MBS-W02 8:00 AM CheapSCAte: Attacking IoT with Less than $60 Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/18/18 MBS-W04 9:15 AM The New Landscape of Airborne Cyberattacks Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/18/18 MBS-W12 1:45 PM Medical Device Threat Modeling with Templates Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/18/18 MBS-W14 3:00 PM Parrot Drones Hijacking Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/18/18 PDAC-T07R 1:45 PM Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/18/18 PDAC-W02 8:00 AM The Realities of Enterprise Blockchain Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/18/18 PDAC-W04 9:15 AM Data Integrity: The Elephant Threat in the Room Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/18/18 PDAC-W12 1:45 PM Cyber Is Hot; Crypto Is Not Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/18/18 PDAC-W14 3:00 PM Identity Insecurity—Another Data Hurricane without “building codes” Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/18/18 PNG-W02 8:00 AM The Trump Administration & Congress: Decrypting the Cybersecurity Agenda Moscone West 2007
4/18/18 PNG-W04 9:15 AM Cyber-Defense of American Companies: Can “Operational” Partnerships Work? Moscone West 2007
4/18/18 PNG-W14 3:00 PM Defending Digital Democracy Moscone West 2007
4/18/18 PROF-W02 8:00 AM Meeting Business Needs by Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Moscone West 2008
4/18/18 PROF-W12 1:45 PM Cyber-Fatigue and What We Can Do about It Moscone West 2008
4/18/18 PROF-W14 3:00 PM Women in Security: A Progressive Movement Moscone West 2008
4/18/18 PRV-W02 8:00 AM Privacy as a Stakeholder: How to Get a Seat at the Table Moscone West 2005
4/18/18 PRV-W04 9:15 AM How to Engineer Privacy Rights in the World of Artificial Intelligence Moscone West 2005
4/18/18 PRV-W12 1:45 PM The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation—Beauty or Beast? Moscone West 2005
4/18/18 PRV-W14 3:00 PM In Your Face! The Privacy and Security Implications from Facial Recognition Moscone West 2005
4/18/18 STR-T08R 9:15 AM Personality Profiling Your Third Parties for Effective Supplier Management (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/18/18 STR-W02 8:00 AM Implementing a Quantitative Cyber-Risk Framework: A FinSrv Case Study Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/18/18 STR-W04 9:15 AM 10 Tenets of CISO Success Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/18/18 STR-W12 1:45 PM Adapt or Die—A CISO’s New Role in a Social Media First World Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/18/18 STR-W14 3:00 PM Building and Selling Your Security Strategy to the Business Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/18/18 TECH-W02 8:00 AM Evolve or Die, How to Stop Getting Slaughtered Due to Bad Vulnerability Management Moscone South 207
4/18/18 TECH-W04 9:15 AM Stop Translating, Start Defending: Common Language for Managing Cyber-Risk Moscone South 207
4/18/18 TECH-W12 1:45 PM SDN and Security: A Marriage Made in Heaven. Or Not. Moscone South 207
4/18/18 TECH-W14 3:00 PM Why Your NAC Projects Keep Failing: Addressing Products, People, Processes Moscone South 207
4/19/18 AIR-R02 8:00 AM SOC 2030—SOCs Are Broken. Let’s Fix Them. Moscone West 2009
4/19/18 AIR-R12 1:45 PM The Bottom of the Barrel—Scraping Pastebin for Obfuscated Malware Moscone West 2009
4/19/18 AIR-R14 3:00 PM They’re In! Now What? Containment—Is It Possible, Worthwhile, Effective? Moscone West 2009
4/19/18 ASEC-T07R 8:00 AM Efficacy of Layered Application Security through the Lens of Hacker (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/19/18 CSV-R02 8:00 AM Inside Cloudbleed Moscone South 215
4/19/18 CSV-R04 9:15 AM Pragmatic Security Automation for Cloud Moscone South 215
4/19/18 CSV-R12 1:45 PM Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS Moscone South 215
4/19/18 CSV-R14 3:00 PM FIM and System Call Auditing at Scale in a Large Container Deployment Moscone South 215
4/19/18 CXO-R02 8:00 AM Cybersecurity and Data Breaches from a Business Lawyer’s Perspective Moscone West 2022
4/19/18 CXO-R04 9:15 AM ...This Is Your Enterprise on O365 Moscone West 2022
4/19/18 CXO-R12 1:45 PM Decision-Maker Dementia: How Today’s Security Leaders Stay Lucid Moscone West 2022
4/19/18 CXO-R14 3:00 PM Inside Cyber-Balance Sheets: A Rare Window on Digital Risk in the Boardroom Moscone West 2022
4/19/18 EXP-R02 8:00 AM Bug Bounty Buzzword Bingo—Deep Dive under a Jumped Shark Moscone West 2004
4/19/18 EXP-R04 9:15 AM Hacking Healthcare Live: Bits and Bytes Meet Flesh and Blood Moscone West 2004
4/19/18 EXP-R12 1:45 PM Incorporating Security Practices into Business Processes Moscone West 2004
4/19/18 EXP-R14 3:00 PM Security Programs. ROI not CYA. Moscone West 2004
4/19/18 GRC-R02 8:00 AM The GDPR Is Only for Europe—Right? Moscone West 2018
4/19/18 GRC-R04 9:15 AM Cut through the Confusion: 2018 Updates to CIS Critical Security Controls Moscone West 2018
4/19/18 GRC-R12 1:45 PM GDPR Compliance—You Forgot Your Digital Environment Moscone West 2018
4/19/18 GRC-R14 3:00 PM Battle Royale: Who Wins in Vendor Security? Moscone West 2018
4/19/18 GRC-W04R 9:15 AM Creating Order from Chaos: Metrics That Matter (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/19/18 HT-R02 8:00 AM Industrial IoT Exploits behind Insecure Cities and Rogue Robots Moscone South 308
4/19/18 HT-R04 9:15 AM Sneak Your Way to Cloud Persistence—Shadow Admins Are Here to Stay Moscone South 308
4/19/18 HT-R12 1:45 PM I Forgot Your Password: Breaking Modern Password Recovery Systems Moscone South 308
4/19/18 HT-R14 3:00 PM Understanding Cyberterrorism: The Ardit Ferizi Case Moscone South 308
4/19/18 HTA-R02 8:00 AM Navigating the Data Labeling Bottleneck as Security Embraces AI Moscone South 314
4/19/18 HTA-R04 9:15 AM Anatomy of Exploiting MMORPG’s Moscone South 314
4/19/18 HTA-R12 1:45 PM IoT—The Gift That Keeps on Giving Moscone South 314
4/19/18 HTA-R14 3:00 PM Common Infrastructure Exploits in AWS/GCP/Azure Servers and Containers Moscone South 314
4/19/18 HUM-R02 8:00 AM A Framework to Effectively Develop Insider Threat Controls Moscone West 2001
4/19/18 HUM-R04 9:15 AM Compromising a Fortune 500 Business without Hacking a Thing! Moscone West 2001
4/19/18 HUM-R12 1:45 PM Seeing Is Believing: Making the Cyber-Hype Real with Hacking Demos Moscone West 2001
4/19/18 HUM-R14 3:00 PM Security Culture Hacking: Disrupting the Security Status Quo Moscone West 2001
4/19/18 IDY-R02 8:00 AM IDPro: How a Professional Organization Will Change the Future of Identity Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/19/18 IDY-R04 9:15 AM Adventures in Open Banking: Understanding OAuth and OpenID Client Ecosystems Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/19/18 IDY-R12 1:45 PM Can Blockchain Enable Identity Management? Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/19/18 IDY-R14 3:00 PM The Long Road to Identity on the Blockchain Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/19/18 MASH-R02 8:00 AM Abstractions of Security: Mining a Decade of RSA Conference Abstracts Moscone West 2005
4/19/18 MASH-R12 1:45 PM Behavioral eManipulation: Attacking via Care Delivery Workflows Moscone West 2005
4/19/18 MASH-R14 3:00 PM Examining North Korea’s Pursuit of Cryptocurrencies Moscone West 2005
4/19/18 MBS-R02 8:00 AM Improving Mobile Authentication for Public Safety and First Responders Moscone South 207
4/19/18 MBS-R04 9:15 AM From IT to IoT: Bridging the Growing Cybersecurity Divide Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/19/18 MBS-R12 1:45 PM Transparency of SW and IoT Components: An Open Approach to Bill of Materials Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/19/18 MBS-R14 3:00 PM How Automated Vulnerability Analysis Discovered Hundreds of Android 0-days Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/19/18 MLN-R02 8:00 AM Evolution of AI Bots for Real-Time Adaptive Security Moscone West 2008
4/19/18 MLN-R04 9:15 AM Age of the Machines in Cyber—Machine Learning and AI, the Next Frontier Moscone West 2009
4/19/18 MLN-R12 1:45 PM How to Successfully Harness Machine Learning to Combat Fraud and Abuse Moscone West 2008
4/19/18 MLN-R14 3:00 PM Security and Privacy of Machine Learning Moscone West 2008
4/19/18 PDAC-R02 8:00 AM Network Monitoring Is Going Away...Now What? TLS, QUIC and Beyond Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/19/18 PDAC-R04 9:15 AM The Top Nine Factors for Effective Data Protection Controls Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/19/18 PDAC-R12 1:45 PM An Overview of Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Security Vulnerabilities Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/19/18 PDAC-R14 3:00 PM #FakeNews as an Information Security Problem Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/19/18 PNG-F03 1:45 PM DARPA R&D Enabling US Cyber-Deterrence Moscone West 2014
4/19/18 PNG-R02 8:00 AM Shaping the Future of Security: Lessons from Today Moscone West 2007
4/19/18 PNG-R04 9:15 AM How Can We Regulate Critical Energy Infrastructure Security? Moscone West 2007
4/19/18 PNG-R12 1:45 PM Emerging Strategic and Structural Trends in State Cybersecurity Moscone West 2007
4/19/18 PNG-R14 3:00 PM First Recourse or Last Resort? The National Interest in Regulating the IoT Moscone West 2007
4/19/18 STR-R02 8:00 AM Building a Data-Driven Security Strategy Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/19/18 STR-R04 9:15 AM Winning the Battle of the Budget Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/19/18 STR-R12 1:45 PM Automated, Continuous and Visible: Building a Solid Security Culture at Speed Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/19/18 STR-R14 3:00 PM The Impact of Multi and Hybrid Clouds to Cybersecurity Priorities Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/19/18 TECH-R02 8:00 AM Cybersecurity Tips, Tools and Techniques for All Security Professionals Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/19/18 TECH-R04 9:15 AM IPv6: Is There an Open Door in Your Network? Moscone South 207
4/19/18 TECH-R12 1:45 PM WiFi Security: The Details Matter Moscone South 207
4/19/18 TECH-R14 3:00 PM Endpoint Security: A Marketplace of Silver Bullets Moscone South 207
4/20/18 AIR-F01 9:00 AM Building Capacity in Global Incident Response Moscone West 2009
4/20/18 AIR-F02 10:15 AM STIX Patterning: Viva la Revolución! Moscone West 2009
4/20/18 CSV-F01 9:00 AM Corpsec: “What Happened to Corpses A and B?” Moscone South 215
4/20/18 CSV-F02 10:15 AM Application Security—This Is the Future That SaaS Companies Want Moscone South 215
4/20/18 CSV-F03 11:30 AM Office 365 Security: Top Priorities for 30 Days, 90 Days and Beyond Moscone South 215
4/20/18 CXO-F01 9:00 AM Strategic Cyber-Actions and How They Could Affect Your Company Moscone West 2022
4/20/18 CXO-F03 11:30 AM Business Executive Fundamentals: How to Beat the MBAs at Their Own Game Moscone West 2022
4/20/18 CXO-W04R 11:30 AM Learning from the Three-Ring Circus of NotPetya (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/20/18 DEV-R14R 10:15 AM Open Source in Security-Critical Environments (repeat) Moscone West 2014
4/20/18 EXP-F01 9:00 AM Former NSA and Israeli Intelligence Directors on Resilience Moscone West 2004
4/20/18 EXP-F02 10:15 AM Google on BeyondCorp: Empowering Employees with Security for the Cloud Era Moscone West 2004
4/20/18 EXP-F03 11:30 AM Calling All Fear Mongers: Raising Security Awareness without Creating Cyber-Hysteria Moscone West 2004
4/20/18 GRC-F01 9:00 AM Security Automation Simplified via NIST OSCAL: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Moscone West 2018
4/20/18 GRC-F03 11:30 AM Scaling an Application Security Program at the IMF: A Case Study Moscone West 2018
4/20/18 HT-F02 10:15 AM It’s in the Air(waves): Deconstructing 2017’s Biggest RF Attacks Moscone South 308
4/20/18 HT-F03 11:30 AM Lost in the Ether: How Ethereum Hacks Are Shaping the Blockchain Future Moscone South 308
4/20/18 HTA-F01 9:00 AM Enhance Virtualization Stack with Intel CET and MPX Moscone South 314
4/20/18 HTA-F02 10:15 AM Exfiltrating Data through IoT Moscone South 314
4/20/18 HTA-F03 11:30 AM Winning the OS X Malware War: Neurally Finding Outbreaks Moscone South 314
4/20/18 HUM-F01 9:00 AM Tech Scams: It’s Time to Release the Hounds Moscone West 2001
4/20/18 HUM-F02 10:15 AM How the Best Hackers Learn Their Craft Moscone West 2001
4/20/18 HUM-F03 11:30 AM “The System...Is People!” Designing Effective Security UX Moscone West 2001
4/20/18 IDY-F01 9:00 AM Big Little Lies—Truth on the New EU Regulations for ID and Data Protection Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/20/18 IDY-F02 10:15 AM Google and Microsoft Debut: Replacing Passwords with FIDO2 Authentication Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/20/18 IDY-F03 11:30 AM Detection of Authentication Events Involving Stolen Enterprise Credentials Moscone South Esplanade 151
4/20/18 MASH-F01 9:00 AM Into the Web of Profit: Tracking the Proceeds of Cybercrime Moscone West 2005
4/20/18 MASH-F02 10:15 AM Measuring and Modeling Human Trafficking: A Data-Driven Approach Moscone West 2005
4/20/18 MASH-F03 11:30 AM Implanting Microchips: Innovative Idea or Heading Down a Dangerous Path? Moscone West 2005
4/20/18 MBS-F01 9:00 AM Nation-State Espionage: Hunting Multi-Platform APTs on a Global Scale Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/20/18 MBS-F03 11:30 AM GPS Spoofing: No Longer a Fish Story Moscone South Esplanade 158
4/20/18 MLN-F01 9:00 AM Fighting Malware with Graph Analytics: An End-to-End Case Study Moscone West 2008
4/20/18 MLN-F02 10:15 AM Evaluating AI- and ML-Based Security Products Moscone West 2008
4/20/18 MLN-F03 11:30 AM Mirror Chess: Why Mature, Predictable Security Is a Disaster Moscone West 2008
4/20/18 PDAC-F01 9:00 AM Two Keys Are Better than One but Three Keys Are Better than Two Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/20/18 PDAC-F02 10:15 AM Secrets of the Encrypted Internet—Worldwide Cryptographic Statistics Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/20/18 PDAC-F03 11:30 AM Quantum Computing Is Here, Powered by Open Source Moscone South Esplanade 152
4/20/18 PNG-F01 9:00 AM Hello, Moscow. Greetings, Beijing. Addressing Risk in Your IT Supply Chain Moscone West 2007
4/20/18 PNG-F02 10:15 AM Perspectives from Government Leaders on Managing Global Partnerships Moscone West 2007
4/20/18 PNG-F03 11:30 AM DARPA R&D Enabling US Cyber-Deterrence Moscone West 2007
4/20/18 STR-F01 9:00 AM If CISOs Are from Mars, Is the Rest of the C-Suite from Venus? Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/20/18 STR-F02 10:15 AM Knowledge Assets, Their Defense and Regulation—Making Them Work for You Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/20/18 STR-F03 11:30 AM Is Malware the New Weapon of Mass Destruction? Moscone South Esplanade 157
4/20/18 TECH-F01 9:00 AM Turning DNS from Security Target into Security Tool Moscone South 207
4/20/18 TECH-F02 10:15 AM From SIEM to SOC: Crossing the Cybersecurity Chasm Moscone South 207
4/20/18 TECH-F03 11:30 AM Trusted Supply Chain and Remote Provisioning with the Trusted Platform Module Moscone South 207

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