Monday Activities

Monday of Conference week is full of fantastic content, so be sure to book your travel plans to include Monday, April 16 and take advantage of everything that’s happening that day.

Tutorials & Trainings
9 AM – 5 PM
Immerse yourself in an intensive, skill-building 2-day session on Sunday/Monday of Conference week. Trainings & Tutorials are led by respected authorities from the SANS Institute, ISACA, (ISC)² and CSA. Please note: There is an additional charge for all the Tutorials & Trainings.

RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest
1:30 – 4:30 PM, winner announcement at 4:30 PM
For twelve years, the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest has crowned innovative companies who create cutting-edge technologies to fight the infosec risk. See the Gallery of Victors to view past winners.

Welcome Reception
5 – 7 PM
The Welcome Reception takes place in the North and South Expos. The reception is open to all Conference passholders.


GDPR Essentials
The GDPR is the first major change in EU privacy regulation in more than two decades and has far-reaching implications for worldwide organizations that touch the data of any EU citizen. In other words…fundamentally every medium- and large-sized company is impacted. With May 25, 2018, as the go-live date, many are struggling to be ready and wondering what the consequences really will be—and how fast the penalties will be imparted. This seminar will cover GDPR in depth, exploring fundamentals such as what’s allowed with customer profiling and how to approach the 72-hour mandated breach notifications and security requirements, providing tangible guidance on pitfalls to avoid. It also ponders if this is just the beginning of what looks to be a groundswell of international privacy and security regulation.

Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts
How do Bitcoin, blockchain, smart contracts and ICOs really work? And where will we first see these frameworks used to operate and protect businesses? In this fast-moving seminar, leading experts will guide attendees through the core elements of bitcoin, distributed systems and smart contracts. Technology and legal practitioners—the front line—look for pockets of crypto opportunity, design for scale and craft for regulatory approval. Participants will see how the dark side of today’s attacks and scams has already changed operational security, the regulatory landscape and legal considerations.

Ransomware and Destructive Attacks
The impact of ransomware, destructive malware and related attacks is growing globally, with new actors taking part in leveraging crippling assaults. This seminar will provide a full day of focus on ransomware and its multi-faceted implications across technical, policy, compliance and financial responses. Full of firsthand case studies and lessons learned—some by virtue of being attacked directly and others hit downstream in the ripple effect, resulting in production losses—sessions will discuss the changing threat landscape, innovative research, response and recovery, and how to combat ransomware.

Security Foundations
The Security Foundations seminar explains some of the most important security principles and is designed to provide practitioners with an overview of essential concepts that will enhance understanding of the current advanced security issues that will be discussed during the week. The seminar will feature some of the giants of the security industry, offering up-to-date perspectives on fundamental security topics. While designed for practitioners of five or less years of direct experience in the security field, the framework this seminar provides to the overall landscape will be of value to the full spectrum of RSA Conference attendees.

How-to for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
9:30 AM – 12:15 PM
This half-day seminar will help aspiring entrepreneurs understand the process of taking a great idea/solution to the next level: developing a business plan, securing funding, building a company and launching a product.  

Securing Diversity
Diversity is core to making good organizations great. It is what makes us as individuals succeed. This seminar is an opportunity to think differently in recognizing and valuing diversity. You will hear from a wide range of speakers designed to expose you to a variety of thoughts, backgrounds and perspectives—diversity in practice. This seminar is appropriate for all of our attendees, offering a great start to the week with strong content and networking opportunities.

CyberSmart Parents Education Seminar: “Keeping Your Family Safe Online”
9 AM – 12 PM and 1:30 – 4:30 PM 
The digital landscape evolves very quickly. How does this affect our children? How are they adapting? As parents, caregivers and educators, are you prepared to evolve as well? In this seminar, presenters will share the latest research on the online lives and habits of teens and parents. They will also bring teens’ perspectives on privacy, social media and online communities. The seminar will end with guidance on keeping your families safe, including understanding the psychological effects of social media on kids.

Association Seminars

CSA Summit: Cloud 2018: Enterprise Grade Security
8:30am AM – 4:30 PM
Cloud computing has long been positioned as the data center of the future.  Today's enterprise cloud adoption has moved well beyond the early adopters to encompass a wide range of mission critical business functions.  Financial services, government and other industries with regulatory mandates have made significant steps into the cloud over the past year.  Making this leap has required a transformation in both the technology of security and the mindset of security professionals.  In the 9th Cloud Security Alliance Summit at the RSA Conference, thought leaders from multi-national enterprises, government, cloud providers and the information security industry share the common practices that are enabling the shift to cloud as our dominant IT system.  We will also explore new frontiers that are accelerating change in information security, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and fog computing.

Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with CSA.

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps
9 AM – 5 PM
In the past few years, security integration within the DevOps pipeline has given rise to the idea of DevSecOps. Once seen as the bottleneck and inhibitor of the development and deployment process, security has become an integral part of the movement towards automation and the removal of manual oversight enforcement. As stated in the DevSecOps Manifesto, "We must adapt our ways to ensure data security and privacy issues are not left behind because we were too slow to change." There are practitioners in the field who are pushing forward with the idea of creating a secure application development pipeline, with security integrated from conception to deployment. In this year's DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day at RSA Conference 2018, you'll hear stories from those practitioners, explaining how they made the cultural transformation from legacy development and deployment processes to integrated systems that include security as a part of the process, not as an overseer or bottleneck to secure application development. This series of first person talks will give you a perspective on how you and your team can enable faster application development with more rapid deployment to production, while integrating security into your DevOps  initiatives.

Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with DevOps Connect.

IAPP: Security's Role in GDPR Compliance
1 – 5 PM
Hopefully you've heard by now: The GDPR is the biggest piece of privacy legislation the world has seen in decades. Due to its broad territorial scope, anyone doing business with Europeans must abide by its mandates and understand its compliance obligations. That means security, too. It may be a "data protection" law, and the focus of many privacy professionals, but the law mentions "security" 53 times over the course of 100 pages. Not only does the GDPR introduce for the first time an EU-wide concept of "appropriate security," but it also brings data breach notification continent-wide. Will you be ready to notify authorities within 72 hours of discovering a breach? In this half-day workshop, the IAPP brings you the sharpest minds to not simply explain what the law says, but to help you understand how to operationalize it.

Attendees selecting this seminar will have their contact details shared with IAPP.

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