Topics & Tracks

Below are the topics and tracks for this year's Conference. If you're interested in learning more about our new filtering capabilities on the Sessions & Events page, take a look at our filtering definitions.

  • cpacket logoAnalytics, Intelligence & Response

    Analytics, Intelligence, & Response covers the application of investigative and analytic techniques that help organizations identify, contain, investigate, and resolve incidents in the enterprise. These sessions also cover threat intelligence gathering, automating response, and sharing across technologies and organizations.

  • Application Security & DevOps

    Application Security & DevOps features topics such as secure application design, containerization, and development methodologies, as well as agile techniques in application security and the intersection of secure development and security operations (DevOps).

  • Association Special Topics

    Navigate the association landscape and learn about opportunities in training, best practices, credentialing, special programs and career development from leaders in the field.

  • C-Suite View

    C-Suite View focuses on intersection of business and security. It features experiences and opinions of CXOs and covers the latest trends and issues in information security.

  • Cloud Security & Virtualization

    Cloud Security & Virtualization includes sessions on the security aspects of using and leveraging cloud services and virtualization technologies/services, segmentation, deployment models, and extended architectures.

  • Cryptography

    Cryptography is ever-changing and this academically focused and refereed topic for mathematicians and computer scientists offers presentations of the very latest papers about the science of cryptography.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Governance, Risk & Compliance covers the creation and implementation of risk management frameworks, compliance-related sessions on standards and instituting governance across the extended enterprise. These sessions also contains topics on a wide variety of security metrics and measurements.

  • Hackers & Threats

    Hackers and Threats sessions include discussions about the growing underground economy, advanced threats, APTs, new classes of vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, reverse engineering and how to combat these problems. Hackers & Threats Advanced is technically advanced and will include live demos and code dissection.

  • Human Element

    Human Element explores how people make trust choices, innovative ways to secure the human and how classic attacks and emerging threats now include a human element. Topics include social networking/engineering, insider threats, and user behavior analytics.

  • Identity

    Identity covers the processes, technologies and policies for managing and controlling digital identities across the extended enterprise.

  • logoIndustry Experts

    With speakers drawn from top rated RSAC presenters, listen to leading information security professionals talk about today's most pressing matters.

  • Law

    The Law sessions explores topics ranging from unintended consequences due to legislation, legal rulings, liability and emerging issues on the legal landscape.

  • Mobile & IoT Security

    Mobile & IoT Security provides focused discussion on policies, processes and technologies for managing mobile security in the enterprise, including device management and emerging threats to mobile platforms. It will also explore the challenges posed by the Internet of Things and the rapid growth of sensors.

  • Policy & Government

    Policy & Government features sessions on current and proposed government strategies, policies, legislation and standards that could shape the direction of cloud computing, critical infrastructure protection, public private-partnerships, big data initiatives, cyber threat intelligence sharing, industry standards and security compliance requirements for years to come.

  • Privacy

    Privacy sessions explore the privacy issues related to big data, social media, cloud, legislative changes, IoT, and other emerging technologies and processes in the enterprise.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development covers technical and business/management training, professional certifications and career development, diversity, as well as staff and personnel management.

  • Protecting Data & Applied Crypto

    Protecting Data & Applied Crypto explores how to classify, track and protect data in the extended enterprise. It covers encryption, tokenization, data protection regulations, DLP and threats to sensitive data, and emerging trends.

  • Security Mashup

    Security Mashup includes interesting speakers and sessions on a wide range of topics not found anywhere else during the week.

  • Security Strategy

    Security Strategy covers the policy, planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture and the management issues of implementing successful security programs. Sessions will include the structures and tools needed to build a security program that enables and enhances business processes.

  • Sponsor Special Topics

    Our sponsors provide the content for this track, which focuses on today's most pressing matters. Expert speakers on this track will share proven best practices and steps that organizations can use to better understand security risks and challenges; secure corporate data and information assets; and shift security from just a defensive expense to an offensive differentiator that positively impacts business and revenue opportunities. 

  • Technology Infrastructure & Operations

    Technology Infrastructure & Operations focuses on the most interesting and challenging elements of current and emerging security infrastructure, providing a highly technical view on strategic planning, security monitoring, and vulnerability perspectives for security of networks, endpoints, and systems including rights management, mobile systems, devices, and penetration testing.

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