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For the past 11 years, RSAC’s Innovation Sandbox Contest has crowned innovative companies who create cutting-edge technologies to fight the infosec risk.

Check out our Gallery of Victors to see who was acquired, who had a successful IPO and how much money winners raised after being awarded this coveted prize.

Is your company next? Ready to compete? Check back on November 2 for a link to the online submission form.

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How It Works:

1. Have an Awesome Product that:

  • launched after January 2016
  • matches an identified problem for the information-security market space
  • takes an original and sound approach to solving problems
  • has the potential to make a significant impact on information security
  • is validated through client’s beta testing or purchase of product

2. Have a Rockin’ Company who:

  • has a management team that has a track record of successfully delivering products to market
  • has the means to deliver the product to market
  • is privately held with less than $5M in revenue in 2016

3. Submit form before Thursday, December 8, 2016, at 8:00 PM PT.

  • Check back later for a link to the online submission form.

4. Review & Notification Process

  • Entries will be reviewed and ranked by a panel of judges that will include venture capital professionals, CISOs and other industry experts in early January 2017
  • The top 10 finalists will be notified January 10, 2017

5. Prepare & Present

  • Prepare a three-minute pitch about why your company is the most innovative company in information security.
  • Present pitch to live audience and a panel of judges and demo your product to the audience on Monday, February 13, 2017 at RSAC Innovation Sandbox.

6. Winner Announcements at 4:30 PM PT on February 13, 2017

The top 10 finalists will also be recognized on the website with a company and product profile, and will be promoted through other RSA Conference public relations efforts. 

Check out the Dos & Don’ts for Submitting to RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest.

View the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contests Terms and Conditions.

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