Karen Worstell

Founder, Managing Principal, W Risk Group LLC

In 2006 Karen Worstell left her computing career in cybersecurity. She had been Silicon Valley CEO, SRI International Consultant, Microsoft CISO. She left because of a deep struggle between professional demands and her internal compass. After a sabbatical of research, study and perspective-taking, Worstell is “back” and asking the question, “Why are women leaving computing?” The 2016 research by AAUW shows a drop from 36 to 23 percent of women in computing professions between 1988 and 2016.

Computing and tech is meaningful, stimulating, well-compensated and a career of incredible opportunity. STEM is making gains with women, yet the industry struggles to crack 1 percent for women in the most senior roles in cybersecurity.

What’s going on? Join her and discuss!

Karen’s sessions at USA 2015

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