Crowdsourced Submissions FAQs

What does the submission process entail?

The submission process is very straightforward. Submissions should include a suggested title, a session description, a quick abstract (sell it in a tweet!), and three things that will be discussed in the session.  A short bio is also requested (why are *you* the right person to facilitate this session?) and optional resources can also be pointed to for voters to review to get the best flavor of you and what this session will be about (YouTube videos, slide decks, etc.—your goal is to sell yourself and your session).

How long are the sessions?

All sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Who can submit sessions for consideration?


Can I submit a session on behalf of someone else?

No.  The timeline for this moves so quickly, we need direct contact with the actual presenter at all times.  As you’ll see on the submission form, there is only space for the individual presenter’s contact information. 

Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can make?

No, but you also don’t want to compete with yourself.  Submission spamming is generally not well received by reviewers (in this case, the public), so carefully think through your strategy of what you submit.

Can I make changes to my submission once I send it in?

Submissions will be editable for the duration of the call for submissions process (Jan. 29-Feb. 27).  After Feb. 27, the submissions cannot be changed.  

What sessions formats are eligible for the crowdsourced track?

All sessions on the crowdsourced track will be delivered by an individual (one) presenter.  No panel or joint presenter formats are eligible.

Will all of the submissions be voted on?

Yes.  All of the submissions that RSA Conference receives will be displayed on March 12 for public vote.  We do reserve the right, however, to remove submissions that include inappropriate content, such as profanity, disparaging remarks about a competitor, etc. Please use your best judgment with what is appropriate for a Conference for professionals. 

How does voting work?

Voting will open on the RSA Conference web site on March 12 and close on April 2.  Voters will see all of the submissions that have been received.  They will be able to give a “thumbs up” to all sessions that interest to them.  Registered RSA Conference attendees’ votes will count for two points; non-RSA Conference attendees’ votes will count for one point.  On April 3, at the end of the public voting process, the expert panel will review the 25 most popular sessions as measured in number of votes and determine the 12 winning sessions to be delivered at RSA Conference 2015.

How can I promote my session?

All submitters will receive a Promotional Toolkit along with a unique URL for where their submission(s) live on the RSA Conference vote page.  We encourage you to promote your prospective session(s) through social media as well as other networks.  The more people know about you and your prospective session(s) the more likely it will be to make the final cut.

When will I find out if I’ve been picked?

The winning submissions will be announced on April 7.

Who can vote on submissions?

Everyone!  We are allowing anyone and everyone to vote.  Voters are allowed to vote once for any submission of interest.  Non-RSA Conference attendees’ votes count for one point; registered RSA Conference attendees’ votes count for two points.

Why do you have popular vote *and* a panel of judges?

If you were us and you wanted to make sure that sessions were really strong and not sales pitches and no ballot box stuffing occurred….would you do it any differently?!  We anticipate many submissions and we hope they get a lot of attention and great voting.  But we also want to make sure that each submission gets the unique attention it deserves and high quality, educationally-focused content makes it through the process, allowing us to be true to our goal of delivering no sales-pitch content on any of our educational tracks.  

Who are the judges?

Our judges (who love great ideas but don’t love lobbying) represent some of the best and brightest in the industry.  We are honored to welcome the following as our judges this year:

  • Jack Daniel, Security BSides Co-Founder and Strategist at Tenable Network Security, @jack_daniel
  • Alex Hutton, Director of Operations Risk and Governance for a top financial institution
  • Eve Maler, VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology at ForgeRock, @xmlgrrl
  • Jennifer Minella, ‎VP of Engineering & Consulting CISO at Carolina Advanced Digital and (ISC)2 Board of Directors member
  • Rich Mogull, CEO & Analyst at Securosis, @rmogull

Who can attend the crowdsourced sessions at RSA Conference?

The crowdsourced sessions will take place in Moscone North and are open to anyone with a RSA Conference badge of any type.

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