Thank you for attending our inaugural RSAC Unplugged event in London!  Click the image below for the full graphic representation of the day, and scroll down to download individual session presentations.

RSAC Unplugged London

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A Deep Dive into the Security Threat Landscape of the UK and Europe

Time: 9:35
Speakers: Tim Rains, Chief Security Advisor, WW Cybersecurity & Data Protection and Stuart Aston, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft UK

Europe has seen a number of high profile attacks in the past few years. Join Tim Rains for this session as he takes a closer a look at the security threat landscape in several European countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom; regional differences and long term trends will also be examined.

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Cyber Threats and CIIP in Europe

Time: 10:15
Speaker: Dr. Vangelis Ouzounis, Head of Secure Infrastructures and Services Unit, ENISA

In this presentation Dr. Ouzounis will present ENISA’s work in the area of smart infrastructures. The presentation will cover smart homes, smart grids, ICS-SCADA and smart cities/intelligent transport systems. Dr. Ouzounis will explain the main cyber security challenges of smart infrastructures and will present good practices and recommendations for targeted stakeholders.

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There is a Traitor in our Midst - Exploring the Insider Threat Market

Time: 11:15
Speaker: Javvad Malik, Security Advocate, AlienVault

When preventing, detecting and responding to malicious software or stopping a denial of service attack the picture is pretty black and white as to who is the good or bad guy. But what about threats that come from a beating heart already within the enterprise boundary? Could it be the disgruntled employee who didn’t receive a pay rise? Is it the addict who needs extra money? Or is your boss looking to take all your hard work to a competitor?

Double-agents and international espionage is no longer resides in just the domain of James Bond. We’ll be taking a look at emerging technologies, trends and approaches to identifying and tackling rogue insiders as well as the pitfalls of embarking on such missions. 

The speaker will disavow all knowledge of your actions… this abstract will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

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Persistent Analogue Threats: Fallible Humans and Resonating Systems

Time: 11:55
Speaker: David Porter, Special Advisor, Digital Shadows

Security types love calling users the weakest link.  After berating them for their lack of security knowledge they prescribe jargon-heavy “awareness raising” courses as the cure.  But the ongoing rise in security breaches shows that “blame and train” is clearly not working.  As well as gathering intelligence on criminals we need to better understand the nature of human error and how accidents arise in increasingly complex socio-technical environments.  And then find a better way of modeling this chaos.  This way we can not only improve security but also re-evaluate what “risk” really means.

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Security Ground Zero: You!

Time: 13:20
Speakers: Alexis Conran, The Real Hustle, BBC3 and Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference

What is it about us humans that makes us susceptible to getting pwned, phished and otherwise compromised? Join Hugh Thompson and special guest Alexis Conran, star of BBC3’s The Real Hustle, after lunch for an entertaining and sure-to-be-memorable look into what makes you human….and why that should make you very afraid.

Privacy in Europe - Back to the Future

Time: 14:05
Speaker: Eduardo Ustaran, Partner, Hogan Lovells International LLP

Europe is in the middle of an ambitious reform of its data privacy framework that will have very far-reaching implications.  Will the new framework be effective in addressing the relentless technological evolution, the increasing value of data and its global nature?  This talk will highlight the likely features of the new regime and its consequences for global privacy and data security.

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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence: The Data, Science and Practicality

Time: 14:45
Speaker: Jason Rader, Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence, RSA Security

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world! As organizations literally scramble to ingest the latest threat intel and protect their corporate brand and assets we take a step back and look at the journey security has taken and review practical strategies for the future. This session will discuss the problems today’s security teams face and reveal the latest approaches to combating the disjointed and old fashioned application of security operations with focus on threat intelligence, data sciences, and the security operations lifecycle.

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How to Hack a Business

Time: 15:45
Speaker: James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research, Sophos

James will run through a series of live demonstrations showing some of the top and innovative ways cyber criminals broke in to companies over the past 12 months and what this should teach us about our security strategy over the coming 12 months. Featuring lots of live demonstrations of attacks, explainers on some of the more interesting exploits and trend data you can use to convince those outside security to act this session will be energetic and interesting. Come along and hack my SME with me.

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