Every year, our keynote sessions are a highly anticipated Conference feature—and for good reason. The diverse backgrounds of our keynote speakers ensure a fascinating look at where the industry stands now, and where it’s headed in the future.

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RSAC Opening Keynote Guest-of-Honour

Amrin Amin is Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health. He is a Member of Parliament representing Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (Woodlands) since September 2015. Prior to political office, he was a corporate lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Amrin read law at National University of Singapore (Bachelor of Law) (Honours) and Columbia University in New York (Master of Law) (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar).

Mr Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary (SPS), Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health

Kyla GuruTales of a Teenage Security Supergirl

Kyla Guru will share her story of being a social entrepreneur in the cybersecurity industry, the challenges she has faced and what she believes should be the greater mission of all cybersecurity initiatives. Guru will use her unique perspective of going through the education system to talk about what she sees for the future of the industry, and, of course, how we can make radical change to our current state of cyber-insecurity.

Kyla Guru, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education

SANS panelThe Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and How to Counter Them

Presented by the SANS Institute, this keynote panel will reveal the most dangerous new attack techniques. How do they work? How can you stop them? What’s coming next and how can you prepare? These questions will be answered by the three people best positioned to provide them: the director of the Internet Storm Center, Singapore's top expert/teacher on mobile forensics, and the top hacker exploits expert/teacher in the US. 

They will also answer audience questions.

Moderator: Nick Klein, Director of Klein & Co., Computer Forensics, SANS Certified Instructor 
Panelist: Robert M. Lee, CEO and Founder, Dragos, Inc., SANS Certified Instructor
Panelist: My-Ngoc Nguyen, CEO/Principal Consultant, Secured IT Solutions, SANS Certified Instructor
Panelist: Stephen Sims, SANS Faculty Fellow, PenTest and Cyber Defense Essentials Curriculum Lead

Hugh Thompson panelThe Hugh Thompson Show: DeepFakes and The Human Zero Day

The greatest threats we’ve ever faced sit inside the human mind. Technological advances are socially engineering and exploiting human zero days, with DeepFakes that are harder and harder to discern. This sure-to-be-memorable closing keynote takes you behind the scenes of how it all really works, exploring what it is about humans that makes us susceptible to getting pwned, manipulated and otherwise compromised, how DeepFakes and AI are being weaponized, and how this forever changes defense strategies.

Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference
Alexis Conran, Speaker  — Presenter — Broadcaster
Dr Saurabh Shintre, Senior Principal Researcher
Dr Vrizlynn ThingSenior Vice President, Head of Cybersecurity Strategic Technology Centre, ST Engineering


The New Rules of Security

Cybersecurity leaders face a very different landscape as we move into the next era of Cloud. Our reality today is that we must secure business processes from and for the cloud. Attendees at this session will learn how to adopt a continuous security model to protect data and workloads, manage threats and compliance, and secure identity and networks.

Aarti Borkar, Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Security

Rohit and Holly

The New Why of Cybersecurity

Digital investment accelerates business velocity, transforms constituent experiences and spawns new opportunities. But this formidable force for human progress also magnifies risk; it accelerates change and complexity, inviting new threats and devastating impacts. Security leaders are left reframing a new answer to an old question: Why? Managing digital risk is the new why for cybersecurity.

Rohit Ghai, President, RSA
Holly Rollo, Senior Vice President and Digital Transformation Lead, RSA

Diana KelleyBetter Cybersecurity with AI and ML? Focus on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

To get the most benefit from advances in the fields of AI and machine learning, organisations must focus on the culture and diversity within their own cybersecurity teams. AI and ML can help speed up the response cycle, but without diverse teams working on the ML models, the data and the threat models may end up automating bias or even the attack paths for criminals.

Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft


Haiyan SongEmbracing Chaos to Reimagine Cybersecurity

With an ever-increasing volume of risk, security pros are living in chaotic times. While nation-state hacks and concerns around data privacy continue to mount, data plays in increasingly critical role in the success of the SOC. In this keynote, Splunk SVP of Security Haiyan Song will share ways to embrace data chaos, fuel innovation and stay one step ahead of today’s biggest security threats. 

Haiyan SongSenior Vice President and General Manager, Security Markets, Splunk

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