Learning Labs

The Learning Labs are deep dive facilitated experiences, designed to immerse attendees in interactive exercises and discussions. Attendance is capped at 64 participants, assuring that every person in the room has the opportunity to engage with the facilitator and get the most out of the experience. Unlike a traditional track session with the “sage on the stage,” the Learning Lab facilitator is a “guide on the side” leading participants through the content and exercises, while challenging them to apply what they are learning and engage with one another.

The Learning Labs are free to Full Conference passholders. 
Visitor pass holders are unable to register for these Labs. 

Operationalised Risk Modeling Using the Data Breach Repository

Wednesday, 25 July | 09.30 - 11.30 hrs | Melati 4001AB

During this lab, participants will apply insights from Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report and Data Breach Digest to do risk modeling more effectively. Using a table-top format, presenters will simulate a real-life event and discuss what works and what doesn’t in terms of prepare, detect and respond. The wrap up will be a discussion of emerging threats, industry trends and how to apply that knowledge.

Cloud CTF: Identifying and Resolving Attacks in Azure

Wednesday, 25 July | 12.30 - 14.30 hrs | Melati 4101

Gain firsthand experience identifying attacks against Azure workloads. You will be a member of the Contoso blue team tasked with investigating and resolving attacks that are commonly seen within cloud environments. You will also leverage the details learned about the attacks to implement the appropriate countermeasures and harden the environment to ensure that future attacks don't occur.



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