Filter Definitions

Below are definitions of some of the new, advanced filtering options on our Session & Workshops page.

Delivery Format

Ask the Expert Roundtable
Select sessions will feature a follow on, deeper dive facilitated conversation with the speaker, allowing attendees to probe into the originally presented topic with deeper questions and also engage with fellow attendees exploring topics related to the presentation in exchanges and discussions facilitated by the expert speaker. No new content will be presented. Attendees participating in Roundtables should attend the original session and then participate in the Roundtable immediately afterwards.

Classroom sessions are traditional presentations delivered by 1-2 presenters, following slide decks that are available from the Conference site. Presentations are concluded with audience Q&A. 

Learning Lab
Learning Labs provide a highly interactive, facilitated 2-hour learning experience. All of the content is very hands-on and small group oriented. Labs are limited to 64 attendees, assuring maximum engagement and participation. Labs are open to Full Conference attendees only; utilize Reserve a Seat to schedule your participation. Note: Press is not permitted in Lab sessions.

Panel Discussion
Panel sessions are traditional format, featuring a moderator and several panelists representing different viewpoints. The discussions are concluded with audience Q&A. 

Start your Conference week on a high note, meeting other practitioners and engaging in these Tuesday & Wednesday seminars presented by leading security technologists.

Specialty Tracks

RSAC keynote speakers are inspiring leaders, thinkers, and innovators that will share perspectives and knowledge on the information security industry.

Global Perspectives
Our sponsors provide the content for this track, which focuses on today's most pressing matters. Expert speakers on this track will share proven best practices and steps that organizations can use to better understand security risks and challenges; secure corporate data and information assets; and shift security from just a defensive expense to an offensive differentiator that positively impacts business and revenue opportunities.

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