Conference Tracks

  • Cloud, Mobile, & IoT Security

    The three explosive forces of cloud, mobile and IoT have changed—and will continue to change!—how business is conducted in Asia Pacific & Japan, triggering massive security implications and considerations for businesses. In this track you'll find in-depth sessions on mobile malware, cloud security governance, machine learning, device management, and emerging threats to mobile platforms and workers. Expert speakers will share practical experiences on improving security in the cloud, protecting and managing user data in a mobile workplace, and security perspectives and case studies around smart cities, the industrial IoT, and big data analytics.

  • eFraud & Law Enforcement

    This track provides the latest information and practical demonstrations of techniques to address eFraud and the growing underground economy. It covers strategies to enable local law enforcement personnel to collaborate more closely with international police organizations as well as tap global intelligence for tackling high-tech crimes and formulate appropriate cybersecurity policies. Topics covered include identifying and addressing emerging crime threats, eFraud, policy and governance, intellectual property theft, environmental and organized crime, analytics and incident response.

  • Global Perspectives

    Our sponsors provide the content for this track, which focuses on today's most pressing matters. Expert speakers on this track will share proven best practices and steps that organizations can use to better understand security risks and challenges; secure corporate data and information assets; and shift security from just a defensive expense to an offensive differentiator that positively impacts business and revenue opportunities.

  • Security Strategy & Data Security

    This track covers the policy, planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture and the business issues of implementing successful security programs, including exploration of supply chain integrity, critical infrastructures, and data sovereignty. Sessions will include real case studies and challenges faced by practitioners in the field as presenters explore the structures and tools needed to build a security program that enables and enhances business processes, as well as covering people-related issues like social networking/engineering and security awareness programs. Perspectives on strategies, practices, and technologies leading organizations are using to classify, track and protect data will be shared.

  • Threats & Threat Actors

    This ever popular track features discussions on the threat landscape, threat actors, advanced threats, APTs, new classes of vulnerabilities, the Dark Web, exploitation techniques, and malware. With sessions selected specifically for the Asia Pacific & Japan region, these sessions will provide critical insights to help businesses understand how to react to and take steps to protect themselves against increasing internal and external threats. Some sessions will include live demos and code dissection.

  • Learning Lab NEW

    Learning Labs provide a highly interactive, facilitated learning experience. All of the content is very hands on and small group oriented, and the session is two hours in length. The Lab is limited to 50 attendees in order to assure maximum engagement and participation. The two-hour Lab targets senior security information practitioners (10+ years). Develop your skills while engaging with your peers and learning from the experts.

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