RSAC Special Edition Webcast: Anti-Fraud, Part 2

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Mar. 18, 2021 | RSAC Special Edition Webcast: Anti-Fraud, Part 2


Session 1: Mobile Malware - The Underground Perspective

In this session we will present an overview of the mobile malware ecosystem as seen from the perspective of underground actors. What is the current state of play with regards to mobile malware. Who are the top actors and what offerings around mobile malware are available in the underground? What are the latest developments and what new tools, tactics and procedures are actors exploring and working on?

Presenter: Maurits Lucas, Alexandra Phillips


Session 2: Using Useless Indicators to Find Useful Insights

Many fraud investigations start with a few pieces of information that yield a pile of data to triage and understand. The challenges faced by fraud teams are to use this pile of data to identify new fraud and glean insights to safeguard against fraud in the future. This talk will discuss previously successful analysis techniques and data sources to help analysts accomplish both of these goals.

Presenters: Emily Yale


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Clyde Langley

, Schwab

Maurits Lucas

Director of Intelligence Solutions, Intel 471

Alexandra Phillips

Senior Intelligence Collection Manager, Intel 471

Emily Yale, PhD

Senior Data Scientist, Shape Security, part of F5 Networks

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