Security Awareness: How Effective Is the Human Firewall?

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Oct. 7, 2020 | Security Awareness: How Effective Is the Human Firewall?

Only five years ago, many cybersecurity professionals believed that investing in security awareness programs was a fruitless effort—that it was only through investing in process and technology that they could build a robust security strategy. Fast forward to 2020, and many organizations have either grown or developed their awareness programs. But, how are these programs doing when it comes to fulfilling the promise of what the workforce can actually do to protect the organization? We see more vendors in this space and security awareness practitioners who believe that their solutions and programs are creating a human firewall and conquering human error by making the users the last line of defense. Is it working?

In this webcast, we’ll hear from industry experts about the evolution of security awareness programs as well as the successes and continued challenges of securing the human element.

Taylor Lehmann

Board Member, H-ISAC and Former CISO, athenahealth

Juliet (Jules) Okafor

CEO, Revolution Cyber

Ira Winkler

CISO, CYE Security

Kacy Zurkus

Senior Content Manager, RSA Conference

professional development & workforce risk management security awareness

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