Presenting Virtually? Here’s How to Do It Right.

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Apr. 9, 2020 | Presenting Virtually? Here’s How to Do It Right.

With more conferences going virtually, speakers are having to dip their toes into unchartered waters. But, whether you’re new to presenting virtually, have some experience or are well versed in all things external cameras, microphones and lighting, there’s much to learn about delivering a better virtual presentation. Take a quick break from your day to listen to tips from Dr. Ron Woerner, Cybersecurity Professor, Bellevue University and Lesley Carhart, Principal Threat Hunter, Dragos, Inc.

Lesley Carhart

Principal Industrial Incident Responder, Dragos, Inc.

Ron Woerner

Cybersecurity Professor, Bellevue University

Professional Development & Personnel Management

professional development & workforce social networking

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