Where Law and Tech Will Collide in 2020

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Jan. 30, 2020 | Where Law and Tech Will Collide in 2020

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The acceleration of “tech disruption” across all industries is exacerbating privacy risks to consumers globally. In response, 2020 will bring laws increasingly requiring that tech solutions be built with privacy by design, or face potential—and steep—fines. In addition, under California’s Consumer Privacy Act, companies will be exposed to class-action lawsuits for data breaches. Meanwhile, NIST has released draft privacy controls, providing guidance for companies to manage privacy risks. In this webcast, experts in the privacy and technology fields will discuss where technology and the law might find friction in 2020, including how the growing use of disruptive technologies risks exposing consumer data.

Angelique Carson

Director of Content, Osano

Rita Heimes

General Counsel and Privacy Officer, IAPP

Cathleen Scerbo

VP, Chief Information Officer , IAPP


law legislation privacy risk management

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