The Five Most Dangerous New Attacks: The Rest of the Story

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May. 16, 2018 | The Five Most Dangerous New Attacks: The Rest of the Story

At RSAC 2018 in San Francisco, you saw SANS Institute's annual selection of the five most dangerous new attack techniques, and the methods of countering them. In this follow-up Virtual Session, the SANS team is back to summarize the five dangerous attack vectors, provide updates on what has changed since RSAC 2018, and answer new questions related to these attacks and how you can be prepared to stop them. 

GIAC members can take a screenshot of this virtual session and write a brief description of this virtual session directly on their GIAC certification renewal portal.

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Read the 5 Most Dangerous New Attacks here. Learn more about the panelist and find out where they're teaching next.

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James Lyne

Chief Technology Officer, SANS Institute

Alan Paller

President & Board Member, Cyber Talent Institute & National Cyber Scholarship Foundation

Ed Skoudis

President, SANS Technology Institute

Johannes Ullrich

Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute

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