Mírame: See Yourself in These Raíces Cyber Pros

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Oct. 13, 2022 | Mírame: See Yourself in These Raíces Cyber Pros

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s theme of See Yourself in Cyber and National Hispanic Heritage Month, RSAC welcomes this panel of Hispanic cybersecurity professionals. These members of Raíces Cyber will share their perspectives and experiences as they work to change the world through diversity of thought in cyber. We’ll explore the mission of the organization, the educational opportunities available through Raíces, and resources available to help Hispanics and Latinos advance their cyber careers.

Sofia Nicholson

Director, National Capital Region, Raices Cyber

Melissa Ortiz

Director, Tucson, AZ Chapter, Raices Cyber

Yvonne Rivera

Founder, CyberMyte

Professional Development & Personnel Management

consulting & professional services professional development & workforce security awareness security jobs

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