Log4j, Apache, and the Future of Open Source Software

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Apr. 14, 2022 | Log4j, Apache, and the Future of Open Source Software

The Apache Software Foundation has had a rough time recently. First there was the Log4j 0-day. Then the patch (2.15.0) they released for that had a vulnerability of its own. Not long after, two serious (one high, one critical) flaws in their web server project. Unsurprisingly, some have used these issues as an argument for why open source is less secure than commercial counterparts. If we’ve learned anything since the initial Log4j disclosure, it’s the importance of software integrity -- but software integrity is not achieved via exclusion of open source tools from enterprise use. Join this panel of industry experts who will debate the issues of software vulnerabilities, the challenges of software integrity, and the future of open source.

Doug Burks

Founder and CEO, Security Onion

Kelley Misata

CEO and President, Sightline Security and OISF

Ed Moyle

Systems and Software Security Director, Drake Software

Chris Wysopal

Founder and CTO, Veracode

Lenny Zeltser

CISO / Author / Instructor, Axonius / SANS Institute

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