Making Security Simpler

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Mar. 15, 2022 | Making Security Simpler


This webcast will examine the ways that vendors are making it easier to bake security into their products, looking specifically at how to build security in and automate the assessment of systems, software, and assurance with ease. The panel will provide actionable guidance on how to improve architectures and automation to drastically reduce the security professional deficit, which will benefit State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial networks as well as SMBs achieve the foundational elements of any control framework through acquisition of systems and software that enables this so that they don’t need resources and infrastructure added on later.

Rudy Bauer

Head of ISG Hardware Security Engineering for Enterprise Products, Dell Technologies

Luke Hinds

Security Engineering Lead, Red Hat

Tony Jeffs

Senior Director of Information Security, Engineering, and Architecture, InfoSec Team, Cisco

Kathleen Moriarty

Technology Strategist, Board Advisor, and Consultant,

Kay Williams

Product Manager Lead - Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency and Trust (SCITT), Microsoft

DevSecOps & Application Security Technology Infrastructure & Operations

application security controls critical infrastructure DevSecOps infrastructure security network access control operational technology (OT Security) platform integrity security education software integrity technology sovereignty zero trust

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