RSAC 365 Virtual Seminar: Cloud Security

Whether organizations are cloud-native, working with hybrid environments, or planning to leverage cloud technologies, ensuring that security teams are cloud-ready is critical. How are organizations integrating cloud strategies with the cybersecurity team? This half-day seminar explores the essentials of cloud security, data protection strategies, and best practices for hardened security across cloud infrastructure.

March 7, 2024 | 11:00 AM ET in Virtual Seminars

PART 1: CISO Panel: Best Practices and Strategies for Cloud Environments

Join this panel of CISOs who will discuss all aspects of integrating a cloud strategy from the right cloud control frameworks to the challenges of migrating to the cloud, navigating the different risk in public and private clouds, and staffing their teams to ensure more robust cloud security.

Moderator: Gadalia Montoya Weinberg O'Bryan, CEO, Dapple Security

Panelists: Rachel Bierner, Head of Cloud Security, Wells Fargo Cybersecurity, Alyssa Robinson, CISO, HubSpot, and Puneet Thapliyal, CISO, Hippocratic AI

PART 2: Choose your track, Interactive Discussion or Traditional Session

These sessions are coinciding and attendees are free to move within sessions as they wish.

The Interactive Discussion follows Chatham House Rule to allow for free exchange of information and learning. We look forward to participants actively engaging in the discussion and remind attendees that no comment attribution or recording of any sort should take place. Media are not permitted to attend.

  Interactive Discussion Traditional Session
Session 1 

Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Cloud-Ready?

In this conversation, we exchange ideas and best practices for planning the transition from an on prem to cloud-first cybersecurity program, such as introducing cloud-specific security capabilities and processes to existing security domains and prioritizing cloud security efforts within the broader cybersecurity program.

Rachel Bierner, Head of Cloud Security, Wells Fargo Cybersecurity

Techniques for Threat Hunting in the Cloud

Visibility, complexity, monitoring, and a lack of skills can all pose challenges to threat hunting in the cloud. This session will explore the tools, strategies, and skills needed to detect and mitigate threats in cloud environments.

Anna McAbee, Senior Solutions Architect Security Specialist, AWS

Session 2 

Cloud-Ready Incident Response

Join us to exchange best practices, discuss effective tools against nation-state attacks, and explore strategies for building a resilient, cloud-ready IR program.

Karl Ots, Head of Cloud Security, EPAM Systems

Developing an Effective Cloud Adoption Strategy

The session will rely heavily on the previously published Cloud Adoption Framework, published by Google, and will incorporate several aspects of modern cybersecurity enterprise risks.

MK Palmore, Director, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

Session 3 

Cloud Security C.R.E.A.M of the Crop

In this discussion, we’ll cover security and compliance as business enablement partners, understanding where future technology will play a role in your security decisions, and governance models for using AI securely within cloud environments.

Shinesa Cambric, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft 

10 Minutes to Takeover: Accelerating Your Cloud Security

Cloud attacks are fast, taking less than 10 minutes on average. No one is safe without a cloud-native threat detection and response program. Learn from real breaches the attack trends to look out for and evolve your Sec-Ops mindset to meet the new benchmark for cloud threat detection and incident response.

Maya Levine, Product Manager, Sysdig

Session 4 


Speakers: Anna McAbee, MK Palmore, Maya Levine



This virtual seminar is sponsored by Wiz. Wiz is a cloud security company, founded in 2020. Organizations of all sizes and industries use Wiz to rapidly identify and remove the most critical risks in AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Alibaba Cloud and Kubernetes so they can build faster and more securely. Gain unmatched visibility, accurate prioritization and business agility.


Panel Speakers

SVP, Head of Cloud Security, Wells Fargo & Company

CEO, Dapple Security

CISO, HubSpot

CISO, Hippocratic AI

Interactive Discussion Speakers

SVP, Head of Cloud Security, Wells Fargo & Company

Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

Head of Cloud Security, EPAM Systems

Traditional Session Speakers

Product Manager, Sysdig

Senior Solutions Architect, Security , AWS

Director, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

Cloud Security Human Element Product Security

DevSecOps application security