People, Process & Technology

People, Process, and Technology—The Three Pillars of Cybersecurity

Technology is great, when it works. But people and process must be equally as valued in the overall cybersecurity strategy in order to mitigate risk and protect valued assets. Join this seminar to understand best practices for building an overall security strategy and architecture that focuses on the three pillars of people, process, and technology in order to align the security strategy and business objectives to protect the organization against cyberattacks.

The first and last sessions will be followed by a 20-25 minute Q&A.

September 7, 2023 | 11:00 AM ET in Virtual Seminars
Session 1: Panel: Strength in the Pillars—How People and Process Work With Technology

Moderator: Nelson Abbott

Panelists: Kathleen Moriarty, Devon Rollins, Cynthia Sutherland, Candace Williams

Session 2: Essential Elements of the Next-Generation SOC

Building a world-class SOC requires more than just people, processes, and technology. By breaking the complexities of a SecOps environment down into essential elements, organizations can assess how, and to what extent, to cover each. This session will explore the elements of security operations and how to utilize this as a foundation to build a SOC capable of achieving its objectives.

Presenters: Tanner Kooistra, Austin Robertson

Session 3: Intelligence-Driven Strategies—Best Practices for Making the Most of Threat Intelligence

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing as attacks grow more frequent, disruptive, and prevalent across sectors and parts of the world. Threat intelligence can help organizations stay ahead of recurring trends, threat shifts, and issues on the horizon by knowing how and why cyber threats are targeting entities in their sector or industry – and implementing intelligence-driven cyber strategies. However, this can be a challenge for many organizations, and this presentation will provide several best practices for making the most of threat intelligence from an enterprise perspective.

Presenter: Sierra Stanczyk

Session 4: Driving Engagement for People, Processes, and Technology to Succeed

Meaningful engagement with employees who are on the frontline and impacted by security decisions is key to a successful and secure ecosystem. This session will share an approach to creating an employee-centric IT program, where technology solutions are robust, yet simple. The focus is to engage and get employee buy-ins, and not burden them with a complex web of protocols in the name of security.

Presenter: Sarfraz Shaikh

Panel Speakers

Technology Strategist, Board Advisor, and Consultant,

Vice President and Divisional Information Security Officer for Enterprise Data Machine Learning, Capital One

Emerging Industries Lead for Security Assurance, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity & Risk Management, Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Group Head of Infrastructure Security, HSBC Holdings plc.

Session Speakers

Global Solutions Architect - Cortex Security Operations, Palo Alto Networks

Global Practice Lead - Security Operations, Palo Alto Networks

Director of Information and Technology, MESA

Senior Manager, Global Threat Intelligence, PwC