Transforming Security Champions: Top-Rated Session Follow Up with Tanya

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July 13, 2022 | Transforming Security Champions: Top-Rated Session Follow Up with Tanya
11:00 AM ET | 8:00 AM PT

With security teams being vastly outnumbered, many organizations have responded to this challenge with different program scaling methods, including building security champions programs. Which leads to questions: How does a security champions program work? How are champions selected?

The original session (which you’ll want to review before joining this live follow up) offered a recipe for success which includes “recruit, engage, teach, recognize, reward, and don’t stop” that clearly resonated with our attendees, earning the session Top-Rated Session designation. Come to this interactive follow up prepared to listen and learn with Tanya and other attendees who are similarly interested in this topic as she delivers a quick summary of her session, shares new insights she’s had since the presentation was delivered, and engages with you and your questions on this topic.

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Tanya Janca


Head of Community and Education, Semgrep

Human Element Professional Development & Personnel Management

application security secure coding security awareness security education professional development & workforce standards & frameworks

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