I Shot a Deceptive Arrow into the Air—A Mock Hearing

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A company has deployed deceptive techniques to lay out a buffet of enticing but fake documents. An attacker takes a byte of the low-hanging fruit, but a lady of thirteen years is hooked. Her reputation is sullied and she is expelled from a prestigious school. The parents sue. This session will create a scenario that seeks to answer the question, Can a digital artifact be an attractive nuisance?

Stanley Barr


Cyber Innovation Leader, MITRE

Hon. Laurel Beeler


United States Magistrate Judge, US District Court | Northern District of California

Hoyt L. Kesterson II


Security & Risk Architect, CNC Consulting

Kristin Madigan


Partner, Crowell & Moring

Steven Teppler


Chief Cybersecurity/Legal Officer, Mandelbaum Barrett PC

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