Strategically Using Offensive Litigation to Promote Information Security

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More and more, companies are making public lawsuits out of their private fights against information security bad actors, including state actors. What is making these fights public and non-criminal? In this session, we will discuss the types of cases that have been arising, outline some of the risks and benefits provided by these types of offensive lawsuits, and discuss what more can be done.

This session will follow Chatham House Rule to allow for free exchange of information and learning. We look forward to participants actively engaging in the discussion, and remind attendees that no comment attribution or recording of any sort should take place.

While no specific technological knowledge is required, operational knowledge and experience with countering information security threats will be invaluable to the discussion. In short, we want people who are experienced with these problems but are seeking a new possible path to fighting the bad actors.

This is a capacity-controlled session. If added to your schedule and your availability changes, please remove this session from your schedule to allow others to participate.

Christopher Ott


Partner, Rothwell Figg

Hackers & Threats Law Risk Management & Governance

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