Red Team Village's Capture the Flag 101 - Guided Beginner CTF

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In this four hour hands-on guided Capture the Flag (CTF) Tournament, attendees will tackle a set of information security challenges at the beginner level. This event is designed with the primary goal of facilitating learning through fun, creative, and relevant puzzles. Players will exercise a variety of skills from web exploitation to network forensics. Each challenge will have a walkthrough.

Amie Wozniak


Project Manager, Nth Degree

Barrett Darnell

Speaker, Participant

Managing Senior Operator, Bishop Fox

Cecilia Marinier


RSA Conference Program Manager, Self Employed

Rayhan Ahmed Niloy

Speaker, Participant

CTF Scenario Developer, Threat Simulations

Wesley Thurner

Speaker, Participant

Founder, Threat Simulations

Professional Development & Personnel Management

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