Open Source as Your Career Catapult

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Participating in open source communities can transform a career! Open source projects can help professionals catch the attention of recruiters, make a larger impact, and find more satisfying work. This diverse panel will share lived experience, focusing on the social mobility and satisfaction that come from participating whole-heartedly in open communities.

Bernard Brantley

Panelist, Participant

Chief Information Security Officer, Corelight

Doug Burks

Panelist, Participant

Founder and CEO, Security Onion

Fatema Wala

Panelist, Participant

Security Engineer, US Department of Energy / LBNL

Gregory Bell

Moderator, Participant

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Corelight

Roberto Rodriquez

Panelist, Participant

Principal Threat Researcher, Microsoft

Open Source Tools Professional Development & Personnel Management

professional development & workforce practitioner perspectives



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