Finding Stranger Things in Code

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In this Learning Lab, we will discover how code can be represented in a graphical format, which can then be queried interactively to find bugs. We will use Joern as the framework for our interactive hunting. We will also explore a program's control and data flow in order to build models for our investigations.

This session will follow Chatham House Rule to allow for free exchange of information and learning. We look forward to participants actively engaging in the discussion, and remind attendees that no comment attribution or recording of any sort should take place.

Attendees should have knowledge of C/C++, Java 8, debugging, application security practices, previous experience with Joern framework not required but helpful.

This is a capacity-controlled session. If added to your schedule and your availability changes, please remove this session from your schedule to allow others to participate.

Suchakra Sharma


Chief Scientist, Privado Inc.

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