Privacy Engineering Demystified: You Too Can Be a Privacy Engineer

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This lab will demonstrate the critical role of privacy engineering and that software engineers and program/product managers can be privacy engineers. Presenters will provide high-level concepts of privacy engineering and discuss how the process can be integrated into the solution development lifecycle. Attendees will walk through the entire privacy engineering process with real-world use cases.

Pre-Requisites: This technical workshop is targeted toward hardware and software engineers, program managers and product managers who are involved in the product or solution development lifecycle. No previous knowledge of data privacy is required, although an understanding of the basics would be helpful. This workshop is aimed at the beginner level because we want to demonstrate that we all can be privacy engineers.
Khadija Amin


Cloud Security Architect, Cisco Systems

Michele Guel


Distinguished Engineer/IoT Security Strategist, Cisco Systems

Deepika Gupta


Security Architect/ Technical Leader, Information Security, Cisco Systems

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