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No two cybersecurity careers follow the same path and many struggle with stress and burnout. This half-day seminar will focus on your professional journey and explore self-care, engaging with different parts of the business, effective communication skills and work relationships, and making the leap into the leadership office. Attendees will leave with tangible recommendations to chart a personal path for success.This session (SEM-M01C) will participate in polling. To participate please be sure to download the RSA Conference app prior to the session.

Interested? We have you covered! This popular session will also be streamed live in The Session Viewing Point, West Level 2 Room 2004.

Annalea Ilg

Chief Information Security Officer, Involta

Elliott Franklin


Keenan Skelly

President and CEO, Spark Security Solutions, Inc.

Lisa Lee

Chief Security Advisor/ Global SCI Industry Lead, Microsoft

Ron Woerner

Cybersecurity Professor, Bellevue University

Todd Fitzgerald

CISO, Cybersecurity Leadership Author, CISO SPOTLIGHT, LLC

Professional Development & Personnel Management Human Element

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